{expert tip} I Dos & Please Dont’s: Catering Edition

Photo: Curtis Pelletier Photography

From the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring VANCOUVER ISLAND Magazine

Do think outside of the box! It’s your day and your guests aren’t really looking for a cookie cutter wedding either. So do everyone a favour and plan a wedding with personality…

Nicholas Waters, owner and chef of Toque Catering, creates cuisine with exquisite flavor, irresistible appearance and lingering pleasures. All of his ingredients are fresh, not processed and wherever possible, locally produced using sustainable practices.

Please DO

Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography
Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography
Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography
Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography
Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography
Photo: Kim Kalyn Photography

… DO be upfront about your budget and expectations so that your caterer can prepare a proposal that will make you happy.
… DO make sure proper licenses and insurance are in place especially if liquor is being served.
… DO decide between a set menu or a custom designed menu.
… DO be clear on your likes and dislikes. Don’t settle for beef if you really want chicken. Your caterer can make your edible vision work as long as you let them know what it is!
… DO keep track of your guest count – caterers plan for a few extra guests but not that many. Be sure your caterer has the right guest count at least ten days ahead.

Please Don't

… PLEASE DON’T forget to be clear on dislikes so they don’t turn up on your wedding plate. Always provide allergy lists. The last thing your caterer wants is one of your guests keeling over from a food reaction – it would be bad for business and a terrible memory at your wedding!
… PLEASE DON’T forget to overorder and not under order for Canape and cocktail receptions. Never run out.
… PLEASE DON’T forget that the season will effect cuisine quality and price. Asparagus in December is not a good idea!