{expert tip} I DOs & Please DON’Ts: Décor Edition

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of The Wedding Ring VANCOUVER ISLAND Magazine | Written by Tammy of Blue Lily Event Planning (bluelilyevents.com


…DO be consistent in your décor and style. Don’t purchase décor items unless you already have specific plans for them. This could save you countless dollars.

...DO think of renting décor instead of purchasing. Rentals can be a fraction of the cost of buying the item. and you will often find some fabulous one-of-a-kind décor.

…DO add personal touches. Items from your home or from friends and family can really add personality to your day. Does someone in your life have a collection of candle holders or gorgeous antique china? Are there family heirlooms in your home that would make a great personal design element?


…Please Don’t overdo décor. Sometimes less is more. Simplicity can be a beauty unto itself so decide ahead of time where your money will be concentrated.