{expert tip} Going Green for Your Wedding | Clean, Green Make-Up

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of The Wedding Ring VANCOUVER ISLAND Magazine | Written by Melodie Reynolds of Elate Clean Cosmetics (elatebeauty.com)

The new ‘green’ make-up products now have the staying power of the traditional products so there is no reason not to go clean (and green) on your wedding day.

The fact that ‘green’ cosmetics are better for you – and your skin – just makes the decision that much easier. Some clean cosmetic companies also have sustainability standards – so you can feel great about your footprint.

Natural make-up features soft colours and textures that are perfect for the bridal look and natural minerals blur fine lines and imperfections for those perfect photos. And as a bonus: if you don’t normally wear make-up, you will miss out on any skin reactions by using clean products.

If you are concerned about your make-up footprint, be sure to ask your make-up artist these questions:

  • Is the make-up line they are using free from the top twelve toxic beauty ingredients?
  • Will they be using a setting spray? What is in it?
  • Ask about how they  clean their tools…
  • Do they offer a touch up kit?
  • Are their lipsticks lead and coal tar dye free? How long do they last?

TIP: Lipstick is an issue since most ‘all day’ products are exceptionally bad for the lips. Instead, try layering coats of ‘green’ product with powder which will keep  your lips looking good all day long!

About Elate: Elate Clean Cosmetics is all about helping brides feel elated with their look on their wedding day. The Elated Artists provide a natural approach to hair, skin and make-up.

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