{expert tip & gallery} Boudoir Sessions provide the ultimate gift you can give your true love and yourself 

An expert tip by Sherry Smith, Owner of Keepsake Photography (website | review)

FEBRUARY 2015 | Whether it’s the anniversary of the day you met, your wedding day or just because, it can be tricky to find a truly great gift for your fiancé. That’s why so many brides turn to boudoir shoots as an amazing and special gift for their soul mate.

Imagine your soulmate’s surprise and delight when they open up a custom designed album, only to see beautiful, sexy, playful images(selected by you from your private gallery) of their true love.

Sherry Smith, Owner and Principal Photographer at Keepsake Photography explains, “Boudoir Photography has been making a huge comeback in recent years and is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself how gorgeous, confident and sexy you really are. These sessions are often empowering… confidence-building and liberating.”

“Many woman book boudoir sessions with just the ultimate gift in mind,
but then realize, by the end of the whole experience,
that it was so much for themselves as well.”

Keepsake Photography’s goal is to ensure you have the most amazing session possible, while also providing you with your own collection of sexy, modern, tasteful images. As a professional photographer who offers boudoir photo sesssions, Sherry explains, “We feel that every woman is beautiful, no matter age, shape or size.

“…wardrobe and posing are KEY.”

You will be coached through every moment so you’re comfortable, relaxed through the entire process.” One of the most important things to remember when thinking about booking a Boudoir Session are that wardrobe and posing are KEY,” warns Sherry, who notes that this is just part of why booking with an experienced photographer will make all the difference in the outcome of your images.

The power of a professionally-done boudoir photography session is part of why Keepsake Photography offers an in-person consultation a couple of weeks prior to your session. Sherry uses the consultation to discuss what to expect, what to bring, how to prepare and what is best to wear for your body type and style to make you look your absolute best! And the result? Well, it’s in the images.

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WANT TO KNOW MORE? If you’re thinking of surprising the love of your life with a stunning boudoir album, you can find out more information here on the Keepsake Photography site. ♥

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