{expert tip & design palette} Extreme Makeover: Venue Edition

Paris Fairgrounds | Before & After

From the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine

Location can be everything, when it comes to planning your dream wedding, but in many cases, it’s easier to find a wedding venue location (banquet hall, ballroom, hall, legion, private estate, barn, community centre or otherwise) that checks all the must-have boxes (fits your wedding size, budget, and availability), than it is to find one that looks the way you’re dreaming. But with great vision, you can make just about any venue perfect for your wedding

The Special Events Building at Paris Fairgrounds (parisfair.ca) is ordinarily used for community events, auctions, Stag & Doe’s, and the annual Paris Fair. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a gorgeous wedding reception space!

Cindy Hefferan, owner and decorator at Now and Always Wedding and Special Event Décor  (nowandalways.ca)(review) in Paris, Ontario shows us that any space can be made over to look incredible, if you do it right. “All it takes is a little imagination [and some serious decorating talent] to make any venue the ideal venue for your wedding,” she explains.

Here, [images, above], you can see how Cindy uses grand white ceiling treatments, lighting, linens, tall centrepieces, chair covers & theme-matching sashes, have taken the Special Events Building from a wedding option to one gorgeous rural wedding venue.

The Exhibition Hall at Paris Fairgrounds is essentially one huge open space for countless community and fair events. But for a wedding, it doesn’t work as is.

Here. [images, below], Cindy takes advantage of the soaring ceiling by hanging a multitude of large flower balls. A large backdrop lines one wall, filled with rustic and glam features, such as weathered doors and chandeliers.

With the principle colour being white, Cindy ties in the bride and groom’s colour palette with lavender fabrics in tables, backdrops, in chair table sashes.

So with plenty of parking, tons of square footage, budget-friendly pricing and an ultra helpful staff on site, Paris Fairgrounds checks all the boxes. And with a decorator like Now and Always Wedding and Special Event Décor, your design palette options are truly limitless.

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