{Expert Tip} Erika Snyder tells us the lip trends in make-up for 2017

Your make-up on your wedding day can say a lot about your personality. We asked Erika Snyder (erikasnydermakeup.com), one of KW’s favourite make up artists, what’s hot in make up and beauty for 2017. She told us that bold lips are the way to make a statement this year…

Erika Snyder Makeup Artist | Photo: The Photo Avenue
“Very bold lips, with magentas or purples, don’t scream wedding but many fashion trends can find their way into weddings particularly for the cutting edge and high fashion bride.
And of course the natural look will always be a classic and timeless choice for the brides that want to look like themselves but more polished.” – E

Contacting Erika Snyder, Makeup Artist

Erika Snyder can be reached by email using the form directly below 🙂 You can also visit her online at www.erikasnydermakeup.com.

Erika Snyder Makeup Artist