{Expert Tip} I DO!’s & PLEASE DON’T!’s: Stationary Edition

AN EXPERT TIP BY RED BICYCLE PAPER CO. (♥) (redbicyclepaperco.com) in Cambridge, ON. Red Bicyle Paper Co. works with design styles ranging from traditional to rustic to fun and flirty. Essentially, if you can think it, she can likely make it happen – at competitive prices. And if you opt for day-of stationery, Heather will even set it up personally.

Stationary: Red Bicycle Paper C.o. | Photo: Brilliant Images

Please Do…

…number your RSVP cards so if any come back blank, you know who it belongs to!

…ask for help! Designing a wedding invitation is harder than it looks, so use a stationery designer when your budget allows.

…let your personality shine! Have fun, swear, be you! If you have a favourite sports team, or met your partner somewhere unique, include a small (or big) element in your stationery!

…order 5 to 10 additional invitations as you may have overlooked a guest or two and some may get lost in the mail.

…start early! Start designing your invitations 6 to 8 months before your wedding day. And be ready to mail them 4 months before!

…coordinate your day-of stationery (seating chart, menus, place cards, etc.) with your invitations when possible. Keep the theme consistent throughout!

…send save the dates if your wedding is more than an hour away from where most of your guests live, is on a holiday weekend, or a Friday. Guests will likely need to make travel arrangements or book time off work.

Please Don’t…

…overcrowd the card. If you have a lot to say, use a details/information insert card!

…include registry information on the invitation Use a registry card, or include the details on your wedding website.

…forget that you need invitations. It tells your guests the when & where which is pretty important!

…spend your entire stationery budget on your invitations. Save some room for day-of stationery and signage.

…save your stationery till the last minute. Invitations and day-of stationery are important elements that need time to design and produce.

…forget your parents and wedding party! Even though you know that they are attending your wedding, it’s still thoughtful to formally invite them.

…forget to add postage to the reply envelope for guests living in Canada. Guests living overseas or in the US will need to provide their own postage to reply.

Stationary: Red Bicycle Paper C.o. | Photo: Brilliant Images

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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