{expert tip} Do’s and Don’ts of DIY


An expert tip from Chelsey Gike, Owner of Ready to Rock Weddings & Events in Burlington

Crafting and creating has emerged as one of the top wedding prep trends over the past few years. With Pinterest taking the wedding world by storm, brides are continually finding fun and new ideas to create for their big day. Unfortunately, there are so many ideas available online, that it is hard to sort through what is realistic, and what should be left to professionals. We asked Chelsey Gike of Ready to Rock Weddings & Events for a few of her favourite tips on DIY’ing your big day.

DO: Be practical. Leading up to the big day, there will be enough to worry about, without having to fold 250 paper cranes or hand paint 120 flower pots. It is very important to prioritize what is a major player in the wedding décor, and what won’t be missed. If you can buy it for a similar price, it is much more realistic to make the purchase instead of doing the work yourself. None of your guests will ever know that those paper cranes weren’t hand-folded by you and your ‘maids.

DON’T: Get discouraged. If you spent the money on the supplies, and you prepared to do the work, you need to follow through and complete the project. It is very common for brides to get frustrated when a project is taking longer than they expected or it isn’t working out the way they wanted it, and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and spreading the work out; just be sure to give yourself enough time (and maybe a glass of wine!) to get it finished before the big day.

DO: Ask for help. Gather your mom, your bridesmaids, or anyone else you can find who are willing to help, and make a night of it! If you get a group together to complete some craft projects, they will get done much quicker, and it will be much more fun than barricading yourself in a room for 12 hours to complete the projects. Many brides try not to utilize their friends and family when it comes to the big day, but in most cases, your best girls are more than happy to help prepare.

DON’T: Overspend! This is the most common problem I see when brides are trying to DIY a million projects for the wedding day. They print out one million ideas and pictures and instructions, and run off to the craft store to buy everything they can find without thinking about whether they can buy the finished product cheaper. The other problem I see is that brides will get halfway through a project, realize they won’t be happy with it, and then spend the money on a professional anyways. Now the cost of that project has more than doubled, and you are left with a mess of half used craft supplies. It is important to be aware of the costs and ensure that you are going to be happy with the finished product.

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