{Expert Tip} Day 2 Knight tells us how to find the perfect wedding vendor

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It’s hard to know what to look for and what to ask when you’re searching for the amazing vendors that will help pull your dream wedding together. So we did what we always do, we asked wedding planner pro, Dan Knight from Day 2 Knight Events (day2knightevents.com)

“As a wedding planner I pride myself in finding the perfect vendors for my client’s wedding. I jokingly say to clients that I’m like a match maker sometimes. I get pure joy from matching vendors that I know do an amazing job with couples for their special day.” – D

Day 2 Knight Events
Day 2 Knight Events

Here’s a few tips Dan suggests to help you find the best vendors for your wedding day:

1. You need to enjoy working with the vendors you are going to be around the most on your “I Do” day. (photographers, wedding planner, videographers, etc) “When selecting your key vendors make sure they are people you want to be around all day on the big day.” – D

2. Meet your vendors face to face. “I highly recommend meeting every vendor you are looking to work with in person whenever possible so you can get a feel for what that person/company is all about vs. meeting them online or over the phone.” – D

Day 2 Knight Events
Day 2 Knight Events

3. Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit. “I encourage you to do your research and meet with a couple vendors in the same category to pick the one that will work best for you.” – D

“When I meet with potential clients I encourage them to shop around for planners to ensure I’m the best fit for their day.” – Dan

4. “Create a total budget for your day and prioritize which elements of your wedding mean the most to you and allot parts of your budget to each area of the wedding i.e.food, entertainment, venue, etc. Review that budget prior to meeting with vendors to ensure you keep yourself on budget when selecting the perfect vendor.” – D

Day 2 Knight Events
Day 2 Knight Events

5. “Ask your friends, family, coworkers, wedding vendors, etc who they recommend. Or use resources like the Wedding Ring that have vetted the vendors ahead of time.” – D

6. A number of wedding venues have a list of preferred vendors some of which provide couples getting married at the venue discounts. “Be sure to ask for that list and review who’s on it and see if they are a good fit for you.” – D

*Learn more about how to select the best vendors for your wedding by listening to Dan’s Meet the Wedding Pros Show Podcast on iTunes, Libsyn and Stitcher Radio*

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