{Expert Tip} Creating the perfect reception timeline

AN EXPERT TIP by: Kitchener-Waterloo based Olympic Sound (♥) (olympicsound.com)

ORGANIZATION IS KEY. Create a detailed, precise itinerary and stick to it wherever possible.

BE FLEXIBLE & RELAXED. Even though you have a schedule, things won’t always go according to plan. Be okay with that and just focus on enjoying your day!

KEEP THE DAY TIGHTER. This means avoiding planning a 9am Saturday to 2am Sunday wedding day. That’s a long event and your guests could easily get tired out by 10pm. I always suggest planning ceremonies in the late afternoon. This means they’re closer to the cocktail hour or dinner time as the case may be and it’s less of a waiting period for guests (making it an overall better guest experience).

USE YOUR VENDORS. We’re wedding experts, so take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and opinions. We work on countless events each year and so we can almost always offer useful advice.

ALLOW FOR FLOATING TIME IN THE AGENDA. 10 to 15 minutes here and there throughout the itinerary of event can help accommodate for the fact that some events (photo shoot, receiving line, speeches) may go either shorter or longer than anticipated.

USE THE INTERNET! Online chat forums, blogs, websites and magazines (such as theweddingring. ca!) are great tools for finding sample wedding day itinerary templates.

LEAN ON FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Your family and friends love you. They would probably also love to help with the wedding planning! Don’t be afraid to ask them for help, whether it’s before or on the wedding day.

PRIORITIZE WHAT MATTERS MOST. For the truly perfect reception timeline, it’s all about you. What is most important to you both?! Is it the food? The dancing? The speeches? Decide what means the most to you and build extra time into your timeliness for those activities. For example, if you want to dance for hours, don’t start dinner at seven o’clock! Bump it up to six-thirty at the latest, giving time for dining, speeches and then a long, the party!

GET AN EARLY START. Take the time to plan early so you are not stressed out trying to get it all done in the days leading up to the wedding. Also, giving  yourself more time means you’re giving yourself time to make changes in your plans as you go along.

VENDOR TOOLS. Vendors often have planning forms that they make available to their clients. Use them!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR DJ!! This is huge. I’m happy to help clients whenever they need it and often find myself getting involved when it comes to the scheduling of the evening. At Olympic Sound, we strive to go above and beyond the music. Clients appreciate it and I have a blast digging in to lend a hand 🙂

Your family and friends love you. They would probably also love to help with the wedding planning!

GOOD TO KNOW: The Olympic Sound team not only acknowledges the importance of the role your DJ plays on the wedding day, but their DJs know how to direct a great stag & doe too. And according to their loyal brides, they’re the first to dig in and help in any way they can, for a truly seamless wedding day. So, armed with tons of personality, handson experience, and high tech equipment, the Olympic Sound DJs are certainly some of brides and grooms favourite DJs to check out in TheWeddingRing.

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Featured in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine



Olympic Sound, The Wedding Ring Ontario Magazine Fall/Winter 2016