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Award-winning LATTE PRODUCTIONS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY (♥) (latteproductions.ca) is in their tenth year of business, the last seven of which were operated under a unique business model that has helped set them apart in their industry. As a result, Latte has photographed over 1,000 weddings and are now averaging 180 weddings per year. They attribute their success to a number of factors, from standardized packages and full day coverage to building trust with each couple…

FOCUSING ON VOLUME & QUALITY: Latte’s business model keeps them as busy as possible, which in turn they say helps to keep the price as low as possible, all while maintaining the quality and experience they would’ve otherwise offered at a higher price point.

To explain their approach, “Lower prices mean we get to work with more couples, including those that normally wouldn’t seek photography as a priority to their big day!”

STANDARDIZATION IS SWEET: Latte knows that when couples book a photographer, they are doing so based upon samples of their work. They say that by having one package for all clients, they’re able to deliver the best job they can for every couple instead of having variable outcomes generated by variable package components.

“Offering every couple the same all-inclusive package provides couples with the very best way to know what to expect from our firm.”

INCLUDING WHAT COUPLES WANT: Latte’s standardized package (which is $1800 plus tax) includes several generous components performed by fun and easy to work with photographers, producing “a more casual form of direction and experience.”

The package also includes 12 hours of wedding day coverage. “This ensures that all photographic elements of the day and/or night are captured genuinely and at the times they were originally planned to occur…” (This generally means no fake cake-cutting or posed first dances.) The package includes two Primary Photographers. This means that both photographers are fully responsible for being engaged and active all day. “We don’t have students, interns, day-by-day contracted photographers within our ranks like with some other studios.”

2 WEEK TURNAROUND TIME: Latte offers a two-week turnaround on all images, which are delivered on USB. This post production and delivery timeline is something Latte doesn’t take lightly and is probably one of the fastest turnaround times in the region. Their editing space allows for up to six weddings to be edited at a time. When delivered, all images come with full rights for the couple to do anything they desire. From posting online to printing huge prints, the couples get the same size the studio took them in. As with all of Latte’s work, there is never a watermark or logo on the photos.

BUILDING TRUST: Latte is a full-time operation with 16 photographers on staff, many of whom are part of the weekday editing team as well.

“Everything we do includes some form of ‘backup plan.’ All editing systems have their own hourly backup drives. Our in-house server is set up on a RAID system to ensure no data loss. Archives of all work are created in case clients require additional access to their images years later.”

Latte has a A+ Rating on the BBB, has been voted most loved photographer in TheWeddingRing.ca Community and is the region’s current* Top Pick for Wedding Photography Studio according to the Readers Choice awards.

Photo: Latte Productions
Photo: Latte Productions

Featured in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine

*As of  the time this article was written

Latte Productions Photography, The Wedding Ring Ontario Magazine Fall/Winter 2016