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Latte Productions Wedding Photography has spent the last 10 years performing over 1200 weddings. Throughout this time they have experienced virtually every wedding day situation; the good, the bad, and the OMG! Over the years they’ve become increasingly involved in couples wedding day planning and advice. “We are always happy to share our vast wedding day experiences with any couple to help give them an advantage on their own wedding planning,” says Justin, owner at the studio. Looking back at 10 years of photography success, the studio put together some tips to ensure your wedding experience is as stress free as possible.

Latte Productions
Latte Productions


For most weddings, groom prep and bridal prep are very different processes. It doesn’t usually balance out equal in the morning. Even with two primary photographers, they largely insist on having the bridal preparation more focused upon as it occurs and the groom preparation mocked more briefly when the team proceeds to them after the bride is ready. “In 5 minutes with the guys mocked before the ceremony we can achieve what takes hours with the ladies” Ricky at Latte notes. Groom prep in the morning just isn’t very uniform where as the bridal side is fairly regimented.


If receiving guests, it’s much more organized if you are both right at the head of the line and the rest of your wedding party/parents are a little distance away from you. “We find that if there are going to be delays in timing for family and wedding party photos, it almost entirely is because of no formal method of receiving guests” commented Jennifer at Latte.

Latte Productions
Latte Productions


More and more often Latte sees couples using their reception venue for the ceremony as well. This can save a lot of travel and set up time. If the bride and groom choose to see one another before the ceremony, they can then do wedding party and couple photos before guests arrive. This allows a far shortened time between the ceremony and reception as most photos will already be done as well as often enables the couple to participate in the cocktail hour.


It can be tempting to want to do your immediate family photos the second you’re done getting dressed, but don’t forget that you’ll be doing the same photos again with your spouse included once you tie the knot later that day. Latte recommends saving all the family photos for ideally right after the ceremony as everyone will have been in one place for a period of time and easier to direct. With two photographers, Latte has one direct while the other snaps away to keep a good flow. This saves a lot of time with setting up the formals as well as less confusion with who to look at.

Latte Productions
Latte Productions

ABOUT LATTE: Based in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, Latte Productions Photography (♥) ( offers two Photographers, twelve hours, amazing turnaround times, and all at a surprisingly affordable price. Their work has been featured many times in,
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Featured in the fall/winter 2018 issue of The Wedding Ring Ontario Magazine
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