{expert tip} Are custom invitations worth it?

An expert tip from Danika at Uptown Designs (review/features in The Ring), based out of Cambridge, ON.

We’ve all read articles or been given advice on the ways to save money on your wedding invitations (and every other aspect of the wedding!). The top three suggestions are usually ; send invites by e-mail, DIY, or the print your own kits at Staples… I’ve even seen them at the dollar store! The truth is that each of these options will definitely save you money. At the end of the day, your guests will receive an invitation with the information they need. The purpose of this article is to shed a little light on how working with a stationery designer may actually be less expensive than you think… and the best part? You get super fabulous invitations that reflect you as a couple and the wedding that your guests are being invited to!

Where to start? I could probably go on for hours about this subject, but I think the most important tidbit of info is that a designer can be flexible. When you are working with someone, you have the ability to discuss your dream invitation as well as your budget. A good designer is going to be able to make suggestions to ensure that you are getting the best value as well as a design you love.

We are also flexible with the number of invitations you need to order. If you need 78 invitations, you can order 78 invitations through a designer, while many companies require you to purchase sets in multiples of 25, leaving you with a bunch of leftovers!

Here are a few other things to consider:

  • No RSVP or postcard RSVP
  • Maps, reception cards and accommodation cards aren’t always necessary either, as you can set up a wedding website to refer your guests to. This gives your guests easy access to all of the info they will need prior to your big day!  The best part about the wedding website is that you can change it whenever you want!
  • The last thing that a lot of couples forget about is you day of stationery. Let’s face it, when you’re thinking about invitations your wedding day is still months away and I’m guessing the very last thing on your mind are place cards and table numbers!  When you are working with a designer (yes you are working together as a collaborative team!) we usually offer package discounts… I know I do!

Thanks for reading…. and if you’ve taken a teeny tiny piece of advice away with you, you’ve made my day!

Danika, Uptown Desigtns

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