5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner {Expert Tip}

5 REASONS TO HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER: AN EXPERT TIP BY Fresh Look Design Inc. (FLD) (♥)  (freshlookdesign.ca) Kitchener, ON

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From accompanying you on your search for the perfect vendors, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and saying yes to the perfect dress, a wedding planner is there every step of the way to ensure you are completely relaxed and at ease throughout your entire wedding planning process. From saying “Yes” to saying “I Do”, FLD makes your engagement stress-free and completely enjoyable. Here are 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner.

They are experts: Wedding planners are connected with top venues and pros in your area, ensuring you have the best team of experts to pull off your celebration. Simply put, an experienced planner is one of the key investments you can make when bringing your wedding day to life.

Your Specific Needs: There are essentially four types of wedding planners: full-service, month-of coordinators, day-of coordinators, and à la carte. A full-service planner is for the couple who are looking for a second set of eyes on every detail of the planning process. A month-of coordinator is here to help bring all the final details of your day together for the 30-day hustle leading up to your big day. A day-of-coordinator with FLD is perfect for the couple who has everything planned, polished, and pressed for the big day but needs an extra set of hands to bring all the small details together. À La Carte services are perfect for the couple that has everything under control. This service is on an hourly basis, its simple to reach out just when you need a hand with a timeline, concept design or day of details – FLD planners are there to help!

Stick to Your Budget: While hiring a planner may seem like a big chunk of your budget, it’s an investment that will give you peace of mind and ensure you enjoy the moments you’ve spent months planning. “We can help you make the most of your wedding budget because we know what’s more important. We know what’s going to have the most impact.”

Bring Your Vision to Life: With an eye for detail, the wedding planners at FLD provide a fresh and organic approach to planning and management for a cohesive design that beautifully tells your unique love story and comes together seamlessly and stress-free.

Enjoy the Day: Think of your planner as a safety net on your wedding day. If anything goes wrong (and something typically does) they’re there to troubleshoot so you won’t have to fret. They’ll be the one able to make the rain call to move your ceremony indoors when you can’t bear to or hunt down your set of heirloom champagne flutes before the first toast of the evening.

On your wedding day, your only order of business is to soak up every memorable second, which is why so many couples hire a wedding planner. Trust the pro you’ve hired to do their job, and let go of control day-of.

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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