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Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!As an elite health and fitness studio specializing in personal training and weight management, EWYN (pronounced ‘you win’ and standing for ‘exactly what you need’) started out as an in-home personal training studio helping clients lose weight and achieve their personal fitness goals. Today, the company continues to help woman and men achieve their goals by teaching client’s how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Staff at The Ring sat down with Tanya Graansma, Owner of the EWYN Studios St. Thomas, and Shea Cloes, Sales Manager at Ewyn Studios Strathroy, to find out how the business helps clients feel confident and beautiful inside and out for their wedding day.

The story behind EWYN …

Having worked with clients for over 17 years, Tanya has an incredible insight into her client’s weight loss journey. “I started when I was in my early twenties working in a weight loss centre. After realizing how much I enjoyed the clients I decided to open my first location,” Tanya says. “I have managed many locations over the years, owned many locations and have very high expectations for how our clients are treated.” As with any industry, excellent customer service is essential for a successful business. That’s why Tanya strives to ensure her client’s needs come first.

“Over the past five years I had started a different business, but knew that it didn’t fulfill me the way this industry does,” recalls Tanya. “I was approached by the President of the company to open a franchise and I immediately said ‘YES!’ This is where I belong and have a passion for helping others and love being with people.  The morning of our grand opening I realized how happy and complete I felt again!”

Tanya shares her passion and excitement for helping people achieve their goals with Leah Crabb and Kayla Thwaites, EWYN’s health coaches.

“I come to work every morning excited to meet new people and provide that listening ear to all my clients.  I take pride in every client’s journey and love to celebrate with them when they lose 1 lb or when they have reached their personal goal,” Tanya says.

Shea says it is that the clients that come through the Strathroy location’s doors each day that keep her and her team truly inspired. “Helping them reach their goals and seeing the look on their faces when they are exactly where they want to be; that is our #1 reason why we keep coming into work each and every morning, and will do it time and time again.”

Weight loss programs, true support & results

“It takes great strength to walk through our doors and ask for help,” admits Tanya.  “I want to always make them welcome and comfortable when they do.”

Offering weight loss programs and true one-on-one support, the dedicated team at EWYN Studios have individual programs to meet the needs of each and every client, including brides, grooms and sometimes their entourages as well. Shea says “We have prepared many brides for their “big day” as well as sisters, mothers and friends of the brides.”

In addition to weight loss programs, EWYN also offer high quality supplements (designed to help make reaching your goals much easier), including:

  • Uwin 3000: increases fat loss, uses fat for energy, provides energy, controls hunger and improves mental focus.
  • EVO Complex Whey: assists in weight loss, provides energy, decreases recovery time from working out, improves strength and aids in tissue repair.

Three reasons brides go to EWYN Studios…

Tanya spelled out the top three reasons that brides come in to the EWYN Studios St. Thomas location…

  1. Access to EWYN’s exclusive, high quality health supplements designed specifically for our clientele and program
  2. One-on-one personal training in a comfortable and private setting
  3. Dietary plans designed to boost metabolism and promote safe and consistent weight loss

Shea agrees, adding, “We are here for every step of the way of your weight loss journey, whether you have a lot of weight you want to lose or just a small amount. We are here and by your side until you reach your goals, and even after to make sure you MAINTAIN your goals… You WILL see results.”

What happens when you become a client…

When a bride or groom first come to EWYN Studios, Tanya and her team spend roughly half an hour assessing his or her needs or concerns to determine what the client is looking for. Since each client is different, Tanya calculates and explains when the client can expect to reach their weight loss goal, with the EWYN team providing encouragements on each and every visit to the studios.

She then goes on to explain that clients are required to follow the meal plans, as well as weigh in and have monthly measurements taken. Clients are celebrated every step of the way. Once their goal weight is achieved, Tanya teaches them how to maintain their weight and a healthy lifestyle.

“We provide brides with the confidence they are looking for on their wedding day and help them feel beautiful on their day in their dress and photos,” Tanya says.

Free assessment will change your life

The team at EWYN Studios wants to help brides take charge of their health before their wedding. They also want to help every person who comes through their doors to change their life. Tanya invites everyone into her studio, “Book your FREE health and fitness assessment here at the St. Thomas location and start your weight loss journey with us!”

Details, details, details…

  • Weight loss program, one-on-one support and high quality supplements
  • Full weight loss programs can range anywhere from $500 to $1500, depending on what your goals are.
  • EWYN Studios supplements, which are designed to make your journey to health and weight loss easier, range from $14 to $50.

Contacting EWYN Studios


With convenient hours (see above), Tanya encourages clients to visit the Ewyn Studios in St. Thomas (100 Wilson Street, St. Thomas  N5R 3R2). She also invites you to reach out by email using the form below to give them a call at (519) 633-4800. You can also check them out on the EWYN Studio Facebook page for details. EWYN Studio is also online at ewynstudios.com.

HOURS: The St. Thomas location is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.


Shea and the team at the EWYN Studios Strathroy Location welcomes all questions and inquiries. You can email Shea directly using the form below, or you can call them at 519-205-2502. You are also invited to simply drop in to see them at 134 Caradoc St. N, Strathroy. EWYN Studio is also online at ewynstudios.com.

HOURS: They’re open Monday to Friday from 6am to 9:30pm and Saturdays from 6am to 1pm.

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