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Photo above: Anne Edgar Photography | EVO Kitchen is a locally owned and operated restaurant in Cambridge that offers a wide range of dine in, take out and catering options. Owners Taryn and Barry Schwartzentruber strive to make people happy through food. EVO Kitchen’s event space is a perfect venue for a wedding reception of up to 130 people.

About EVO Kitchen…

The business began after Barry had an idea of making gourmet boxed lunches.

“The catering business took off from there,” admits Taryn. “I was teaching overseas and came home. Together we took the business to the next level.” The business officially opened in June 2011 and the restaurant opened in May of 2016. Both Barry and Taryn are self-taught but they grew up cooking with their Dad, who had a passion for food.

Trisha Adams, our Manager and also Chef here at EVO since we opened in 2016 has worked and learned in many kitchens throughout her life, but is also self-taught. She has been the lead Chef at every wedding for EVO, preparing and executing each and every unique menu for our couples.

Rebecca Krulick just recently joined the EVO team as our head Chef. Not only has she completed schooling in both pastry and culinary, she has worked at some of the best restaurants in Canada and a Michelin Star Restaurant in Scotland. She is extremely passionate about food and will play a leading role in revamping not only our restaurant menu, but bringing new and exciting options for our wedding packages as well.

Having executed 30 successful weddings, Taryn and Barry both love what they do. In fact, knowing that they are making people happy every day with something as simple as food is incredibly rewarding.

“Whether it’s just in the restaurant with our regular customers or a private wedding or party upstairs, we just love seeing people enjoying themselves and loving our product. It makes us feel good that what we are putting all of our hard work into, people like and are responding too. I especially love the weddings because it’s such a big day in a couples lives and for their family and friends. I absolutely love walking upstairs and seeing people laughing, dancing and having the time of their lives. It makes every day worth it!”

The wedding process…

Taryn initially meets with the bride and goes over everything EVO has to offer, including showing them the room.

“I am also there every time they come and see the space and plan all the set-up with them. The day of, I am the facilitator making sure everything is running smoothly, the timeline is being met and all the food is being prepared and on time. I also manage all the set-up, staff and clean-up.”

The 7,200 sq.-ft. facility located in Cambridge offers a full sit-down restaurant, patio, and second floor banquet hall that can seat up to 130 people. The building was constructed in 1920 and was originally the office for the Galt Knitting Company, more recently known as Tiger Brand. The building brings together a modern, hip vibe while preserving all the original character of the building.

“Our building has gorgeous windows everywhere, so all the natural light that comes through the windows makes it great for photos. It also allows for as much or as little decoration as you please, you don’t have to break the bank decorating if you don’t want to because the room just speaks for itself,” says Taryn. “We are also always told that our staff is absolutely amazing and of course we think the food is on point as well! We are also very accommodating to specific requests and customizing menus.”

Megan admits that EVO was the first and only place she and her fiancé looked at as a reception venue.

“We had a gut feeling it was the place for us and decided to book,” she says. “We liked that it was something new and different in an already well known area. The whole building had a simple elegance and it seemed modern yet had a historic feel that really resonated with us.”

Janelle had several reasons for choose EVO, who describes the venue’s style as modern industrial.

“We were looking to have a small wedding but, after making our guest list, we realized we were still going to be at about 80 people. We wanted to have the small wedding feeling so I wanted a venue that was intimate, but not cramped. I had eaten at EVO before in their restaurant so I knew the food was delicious so that checked another box for me right away. I’m someone who can visualize the way I want a room to make me feel when I walk into it, but I can’t always necessarily identify the elements and details needed to make me feel that way. EVO was so appealing because I knew that even if I completely dropped the ball on decorations, the space already looks so gorgeous and timeless that it would look great no matter what! We also love Galt and knew that the outdoor and indoor spaces in the neighbourhood around EVO would make for GREAT pictures – not to mention EVO itself.”

“It was such a relief to have friendly people who actually care about you and your day. Throughout all the highs and lows of wedding planning, we were always able to laugh and feel at ease with EVO,” says Megan, adding that it’s a bonus that she and her husband can always go back for a snack and reminisce.

Janelle Roarke describes her experience with EVO has phenomenal.

“I initially met with a consultant at EVO who was so genuinely happy for me even though she didn’t know me. She gave me so much information about the venue and their process and, what struck me most, perhaps, was that she was so flexible and open-minded to anything I wanted to discuss. I got the sense that she (and EVO as a business) wanted me to have the best possible wedding day,” says Janelle. “Our tasting absolutely blew me away. We wanted to go with a cocktail service and they really rolled out the red carpet to impress us at our tasting. We invited our family to come and we ended up having such a great time dining together and were able to joke and get to know the staff. Taryn and her team set up our venue on the day of the wedding and made it look even better than what I had described when we met to go over the final layout details the night before. During the wedding, the staff were so helpful, kind, polite, and accommodating.”

EVO Kitchens prices…

EVO offers various wedding packages that range in price from $105 to $135 per person plus taxes and gratuity. Those prices include food, open bar, staffing, bartenders, dishes, tables, chairs, linens, security, onsite facilitator and help with the set up and tear down plus a tasting for four people.

“If one of our packages doesn’t suit what you are looking for, we can absolutely customize a package. There is also an option to have your ceremony onsite as well depending on a few different variables.”

Taryn tells us there are no hidden fees for weddings.

“We provide all the staff, tables, chairs, dishes, linens, security, onsite facilitator and help with set-up and tear-down,” she says, adding that brides choose EVO because of the beautiful space and great menu with amazing flavours.

According to Megan, the prices were fair. “On the higher end of our budget, but we got what we paid for! The food was delicious and we liked that it included the cost of open bar, which had great selections.”

Janelle also says the pricing was fair but what impressed her is that there were no hidden costs after the wedding. One of Janelle’s favourite memories of her Christmas wedding involved a Christmas tree they brought to the venue the morning of the wedding.

“The groom and groomsmen were tasked with decorating it. I didn’t get a chance to see it before arriving at the venue for photos later in the afternoon but Taryn stopped me on the stairs on the way up and told me she felt that the tree looked like it could use a little something extra so she and her team dressed it up a little more. The tree was gorgeous and I thought it was so incredibly thoughtful and kind of her to go above and beyond to make sure that things were perfect.”

Details, details, details…

• Venue can accommodate up to 130 people
• Wedding packages range in price from $105 to $135 per person plus taxes and gratuity
• Package prices include food, open bar, staffing, bartenders, dishes, tables, chairs, linens, security, onsite facilitator and help with the set up and tear down and a tasting for four people

Contacting E.V.O. Kitchen

To learn more about E.V.O. Kitchen, contact Barry or Taryn directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit E.V.O. Kitchen online at www.evokitchen.com.

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