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Eva Nicol Couture is an online shop offering handcrafted wedding jewellery and hair accessories designed your way

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Imagine adding the perfect finishing touches to your wedding day. From hairpins and fascinators to bracelets, necklaces and earrings, Eva Nicol Couture offers brides the opportunity to have fully customizable jewellery made exactly how they want it. In fact, each and every piece of jewellery that Eva Nicol Couture creates is hand made in her studio. To add sparkle and timeless elegance to pieces, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones components are used, as well as Swarovski crystal pearls or natural freshwater pearls.

Staff at the Ring sat down with Marie, owner and designer at Eva Nicol Couture to learn how she creates fully customizable jewellery for brides.

About Eva Nicol Couture…

As a child, Marie was always attracted to bright and shiny things – especially jewellery and her grandmother’s jewellery box. She spent a great deal of her childhood trying on and wearing her grandmother’s jewellery.

This love of jewellery remained with Marie as she grew up. After having her own children, she began to dabble in creating every day, customizable jewellery. Before long, Marie began hosting parties and selling her “custom” and “made in Canada” jewellery. She was particularly attracted to the bridal industry because “shiny” and “white” were her favourite colours!!

When asked how her business got started, Marie admits it was her love of sparkly things, but also the idea that women want quality pieces that are made in Canada.  It didn’t take long for her jewellery to get noticed and before she realized it, Eva Nicol Couture was creating jewellery and hair accessories for hundreds of brides every year.

The design process…

To Marie, it was always important to design the high quality and long lasting jewellery and accessories that would be worn long after a bride’s wedding day. Every item is designed with only the best crystal and Swarovski Elements, and all clasps and findings are sterling silver or gold filled unless otherwise indicated. Brass bases are plated in Rhodium or gold and most of the components are made in Canada.

While her online boutique showcases an extensive collections of hair accessories, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the collection online are only ideas and suggestions showing you want is currently popular and up and coming. Many brides contact Marie because they’re looking to add a personal touch to their wedding day.

“We want to customize your jewellery and accessories to your liking. You are, after all, wearing it!” she says.

Carmin Lakhanpal discovered Eva Nicol Couture online and wanted to learn more. Describing Marie’s style as creative and romantic, Carmin found Marie’s pieces to be very unique and timeless. “She took the time to get to know my style and the type of wedding I envisioned. This helped her create the jewellery in a way that tied in with the entire day.”

According to Marie, every stone that you see in every piece online is available in many colours. If you love a particular stone but aren’t fond of the setting it’s placed in – don’t worry. Perhaps you don’t love the stone showcased and would prefer a pearl instead – no problem. Is something too big or too small – just ask and the size can be changed.

“Anything is possible,” says Marie who has hands-on input regarding the design and selection of components. On average, Eva Nicol Couture designs pieces for 50 to 60 weddings per year. “The most popular products are earrings, hair pieces and bracelets,” she says, adding that not many people wear necklaces anymore.

Carmin describes working with Marie as being very collaborative. “She was very easy to work with and took the time to get to know my style before making any suggestions,” she says, adding that Marie was a very good listener. “She was also easy to get a hold of and prompt to answering any questions.”

Why brides choose Eva Nicol Couture…

After so many weddings, Marie admits that the beauty behind the components and the ability to turn each individual item into a piece of art continues to inspire her. Marie believes brides choose Eva Nicol Couture because of the quality, the designs, and because they’re made in Canada. “I think another feature that brides like is that they can put that very personal touch into their accessories by choosing colours and components.”
Carmen was thrilled with the overall experience and the finished product. “I was ecstatic with the pieces Marie created for me and to this day I still wear them,” she says.
When asked about Eva Nicol Couture’s prices, Carmin considers them to be very fair. “She didn’t nickel and dime you, if minor changes were required,” says Carmin.

Pricing it Out…

Finding something you love for a great price is easy to do at Eva Nicol Couture. Hair accessories start at only $35, earrings at $42, and necklaces and bracelets at $59 each. There is something for every style and every budget.

Contacting Eva Nicol Couture

To learn more about Eva Nicol Couture, contact Marie directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Eva Nicol Couture online at www.evanicol.com.

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