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Erika Snyder’s on-site makeup is for brides who want to look incredible & feel like themselves (Photo, above: Lyn Ismael)

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Erika Snyder, a Makeup Artist based out of Waterloo, was first recommended to us by several community wedding vendors who had seen her work or had brides who swore by her services. But it was when we really got the chance to put Erika to the test (making over The Wedding Ring Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2014, Spring/Summer 2010 and Fall/Winter 2010 cover brides!) that we knew this girl’s career was destined to be big. And we were right.

Armed with a great style, training in Fashion and Photography Makeup, a client base built predominantly on word of mouth, an overall sweet, professional personality, and of course a ton of makeup, it’s easy to see why brides would (and do) love Erika Snyder.

For a great price, Erika comes to you on your wedding day with the goal to use her skills and knowledge of colour, face shape and skin tones to help you and your entourage look your absolute best based on your individual looks and style – whether that be glamorous and dramatic or natural and subtle.

Erika says she’s best known for her ability to make a bride feel comfortable, the most beautiful she’s ever felt on the day she walks down the aisle – all while still feeling like herself (a key component to good makeup). So having interviewed her and seeing her on the job, we have plenty of reasons why we love this makeup artist. Here’s why we think you will, too…

Personally speaking…

Erika’s makeup business opened in the summer of 2009. But that doesn’t mean she’s only been holding a mascara wand for the past 7 years. Erika told staff at The Wedding Ring that she’d been doing bridal makeup for the at least four years before officially opening her own business. She started as many do, with the weddings of family, friends and neighbours. Erika admits that it was when her referrals from clients began to really jump in number that she knew it was time to take the leap herself – breaking out of the friends and family comfort zone to cater to more brides in her community on their wedding days.

Erika attended Complections International Make Up Academy in Toronto in 2008, where she earned her diploma in Fashion and Photography makeup. “The training I received at Complections has allowed me to expand my client base and allowed my business to continue to grow,” Erika told us.

Proving that she made the right decision, Erika immediately began booking more weddings and now does over 25 each year, taking her makeup expertise directly to you on your wedding day.

A look for every bride

Erika says that she has done makeup for all different styles of brides from high glamour to brides who don’t usually wear makeup in their everyday life. “I am open to working with anyone on their vision as long as they’re open to new ideas and willing to try a few things out to get their look just right,” Erika told us. In fact, meeting different kinds of brides and helping them to achieve their own unique vision of themselves on their wedding day is what Erika says keeps her motivated and inspired.

“I think brides choose my services because my goal is to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to help them look their absolute best based on their individual looks and style, not based on what is trendy,” says Erika.

We happen to have firsthand knowledge of Erika’s expertise and her ability to be able to gear her style to that of the bride’s, which we discovered during a photo shoot that The Ring held at Calla Studio in Elmira for the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine. We were impressed at how easily Erika was able to create a beautiful and stylish look that fit our rockstar bride, destination bride and our vintage bride. She was able to bring out the models’ best features and match the look we were going for. In fact, we loved the vintage bride’s look so much, thanks in part to Erika’s fabulous work, that we ended up using it on the cover of the magazine!

Erika floored us again at our shoot for the Spring/Summer 2014 magazine when she made over our Spring and Summer brides, and her stunning work made the cover again!

We also found Erika to be very helpful, flexible, super friendly and able to help her models relax and enjoy the experience of having their makeup done. It’s easy to imagine she’d do the same for her bridal clients, too.

Erika is all about making a bride feel comfortable and beautiful on her wedding day without having her feel overly made up or too ‘trendy’. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stay in tune with the fashion and wedding trends. Erika says she does still stay on top of what’s hot for brides who want their look to reflect the season they’re getting married in.

On-site and on budget

What Erika offers specifically is a one to two hour consultation before the wedding day for the bride, and the wedding day makeup for the bride, bridesmaids, mothers and any other family or friends who may want their makeup done.

For the consultation, Erika does a trial of the bride’s makeup to make sure it’s what she wants.

On the wedding day, Erika offers on-site makeup application at the location you choose. Prices start at $75 for the bride, $65 for members of the bridal party and lashes from $15, to give you an idea. That said, Erika always gives her brides a custom quote that’s just for them and their specific needs.

Walking you through a makeover with Erika…

Erika recommends booking her services about 4 to 12 months before your wedding day. She likes to schedule the trial for about 4-6 weeks in advance. During the trial, Erika will get to know you and your style so she can make sure your makeup reflects that, and she’ll also go over the details of your wedding day and set-up the schedule for her services. She’ll also make any adjustments needed to get the look perfect.

To book, it’s best to either email Erika, during which time she can also give you a quote based on your needs. She’ll send you a contract, and then a 50% deposit is due at the time of the consultation  to book Erika for your day.

If a bride has a specific look for herself in mind, Erika says that having a picture or magazine cutout to show her during the consultation is helpful and welcomed. “I also have a few ‘look books’ for brides who maybe don’t have a clear idea of what they want,” she says. “I will also offer my suggestions on colours and style.”

On the wedding day, Erika travels to you and works her beauty magic.

Details, details, details

  • Erika recommends booking her 4 to 12 months before your wedding and setting up a consultation/trial about 4 weeks before.
  • A 50% deposit is due during the consultation.
  • Erika’s on-site makeup services are extremely competitive, starting at $75 for the bride and $65 for a bridesmaid. Custom quotes are available for each client.

Contacting Erika Snyder, Makeup Artist

Erika Snyder can be reached by email using the form directly below 🙂 You can also visit her online at www.erikasnydermakeup.com or Instagram: esnyder_beauty.

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I recently booked Erika to do my makeup for my wedding day, as well as for my bridesmaids and mom. She did a wonderful job and really listened to what looks each of us wanted. I love the way she made all of us look great, but also like ourselves. Erika is also a really great person - she was great at keeping me calm and relaxed the day of my wedding! I would definitely recommend Erika to all brides!
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