EnGAYgement: Queer Wedding Advice. No BS

You’re engaged! Now what?….Wedding planner Danielle Deebank of Dreamstyle Weddings and Life-Cycle Celebrant Christine Lafazanos of Woven Threads – Handcrafted Ceremonies, have years of experience helping LGBTQ folks of all stripes navigate the sometimes tricky waters of wedding-land. There are as many ways to create a wedding or committment ceremonty as there are people choosing to celebrate partnership. Tradition and convention can be entered into mindfully and consciously—or they can be reframed, subverted or torn to beautiful shreds. Weddings can look like five people having a picnic at the side of the river, a surprise-wedding backyard potluck, or a grand affair for all your friends and family (including all your cousins!).

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