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For Elfreda and Edward Dalby, capturing the beautiful moments between a couple on their wedding day is why they became wedding photographers. Together, they strive to capture the beautiful connection and raw emotions between their couple so they’ll be able to relive those moments for years to come.

Staff at The Ring sat down with Edward and Elfreda Dalby, Photographers in the Kitchener/Waterloo area to find out why couples choose this charismatic and down-to-earth photography duo.

About Elfreda Dalby Photography…

After immigrating to Canada from South Africa, Elfreda, a former teacher, decided to make a career change.

“I have always loved art,” says Elfreda, who starting painting at a young age. Both her sister and mother are accomplished artists. It wasn’t until she moved overseas that she developed a love for photography. “Edward and I travelled extensively throughout Asia and that is where I developed my love for photography – capturing the people, the incredible landscapes, architecture and documenting our travels. After moving to Canada, I studied photography at Conestoga College. My background in painting definitely helped me to transition to photography with a good understanding of colour and composition,” she says.

Since opening their business in 2013, this husband and wife duo have enjoyed photographing an average of 25 weddings per year.

Working as the main photographer, Elfreda is the one who works most closely with the bride and groom on the wedding day. Edward works as a second shooter and assists Elfreda throughout the day, especially with off-camera lighting.

Elfreda Dalby Photography were ranked in the top 10 across Canada with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada in 2016. They have also had 19 award winning photos in the last three photo contests with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.

Elfreda Dalby Photography’s Style…

“Elfreda and I want to tell the story of the wedding day,” says Edward, adding that they are storytellers and artists. “We aim to document our couple’s wedding day and tell their story in the most authentic way we can, letting it play out naturally and being as unobtrusive as possible.

“Elfreda and I love real moments and raw emotion and that is what we truly want to capture,” he says, adding that the only time they take a hands-on approach is during the couple’s portrait time. “We offer some direction, but try to keep it as light and natural as possible. We want them just to have fun with each other and enjoy their day to the fullest.”

Edward and Elfreda admit that it’s difficult to define their photography style. The best way to describe it is a combination of documentary and fine art creative portraits. “There are a few types of images we love to capture and create. The first is real moments – raw emotions and funny moments – that is what we love capturing most. We also want to capture classic romantic portraits of the bride and groom. Timeless portraits showing the love between them. Lastly we get very excited about creating epic portraits – modern and artistic, sunsets, night shots and wide stunning landscapes,” she says. They believe that it’s a combination of all the different elements that sets their work apart.

Chantelle Gear considers Elfreda’s style to be elegant. “The pictures they captured told me a story of the whole day,” she says. “I was able to relive the day through their pictures.” Not only did Chantelle find Elfreda and Edward to be friendly and extremely professional, she felt like she had known them forever. “It wasn’t awkward. They make you feel confident and comfortable,” she admits.

For Betsy Marshall, it was the candid moments that she loved about Elfreda’s photography style. “Some of our favourite pictures from both our engagement shoot and wedding are the candid ones,” she says. “They let us be creative with our poses – they certainly guided us with suggestions if we were stuck, but they really let us pick positions that we felt most comfortable with.”

“Elfreda’s style is very romantic, yet understated,” says Jessica Raso. “She does an excellent job of letting the surroundings speak for themselves and allowing the people being photographed to relax and enjoy the experience of being photographed, but also just being together.” Jessica also liked that Elfreda doesn’t heavily edit the photos. “She does lots of the editing beforehand in the way she plans and executes the photos themselves.”

According to Jenessa Irvine, Elfreda found very interesting ways to photograph her rings, shoes and the special moments between herself and her fiancé.

“The thing I liked most about her style is how clean and crisp the photographs turned out. The lighting was always beautiful in every shot and the color was perfect.”

“I also loved how all of the photos flowed together. What I liked most though was how I could really see and feel the emotion that we were feeling in the moment when we look at our photos. They captured every important feeling and expression. It was just amazing to be able to relive our wedding day through our photos.”

When asked why they think brides choose them, Elfreda and Edward believe it’s because they capture the authentic candid moments. “They look through our portfolio and blogs and it’s one of the first things they notice. They can see the emotion and fun moments we capture, and how our photos tell the story of the wedding day,” Elfreda says. Brides want to be able to relive those beautiful moments and according to Elfreda, their clients tell them that their images look so natural and relaxed.

“Brides also choose us for our romantic couple portraits – those classic timeless portraits that almost every bride loves. They also choose us for our creative portraits,” she say. Elfreda also believes that couples choose them is because they feel comfortable after meeting them. “They feel comfortable with us and that in turn really helps them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. They feel more relaxed and can be themselves. That definitely makes the whole experience more fun for couples – during the engagement session and on their wedding day.”

Prices, packages & what to expect…

According to Elfreda, their most popular packages are their 10 and 12 hour coverage packages. “Most of our brides want the complete story of their day documented. They want to have enough time to capture all the important elements of their wedding day and also have lots of time to create gorgeous photos,” she says. Elfreda describes her ideal bride as someone who is friendly, adventurous and most importantly wants to have fun on their wedding day. “Our brides don’t want to rush through their day – they want to have a relaxed day and enjoy every moment.”

“We have a few packages for brides to choose from based on hours of coverage required. All our packages include two photographers, a complimentary engagement session, a custom USB flash drive with full size high-resolution images, and post-production editing all done personally by Elfreda,” explains Edward. The average bride spends $2,800 to $3,600 with Elfreda Dalby Photography.

According to Chantelle, Jenessa and Jessica, Elfreda Dalby’s prices were very reasonable for the services and packages the bride’s received.
“The value of our pictures are priceless,” says Betsy. “We absolutely love them and continue to receive compliments on them a year and a half later. We found their pricing to be very reasonable.”

“I think the value we received outweighed the price, because the experience we had working with them and the beautiful pictures they provided to us exceeded our expectations,” admits Jenessa.

Once the couple decide to hire Elfreda and Edward, a non-refundable retainer of 50% of the package price is needed and a signed contract ensures the couples’ wedding date is secured.

“We will travel throughout Ontario and to international destinations for weddings,” Edward says. “Elfreda and I love to travel! It is one of our greatest passions in life and we love a good adventure!”

“There really are so many things we love about this business! Photography is an art and I am constantly striving to grow as a photographer, to grow as an artist,” admits Elfreda.

“With wedding photography specifically, I love the constantly changing environments and lighting conditions. No wedding is ever the same and a wedding photographer often has to adapt very quickly to challenging situations and light. You really need to be able to think quickly on your feet. Wedding moments can’t be replayed so you only have one chance to capture them.

Contacting Elfreda Dalby Photography

To learn more about Elfreda Dalby Photography, contact Edward and Elfreda directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Elfreda Dalby Photography online at www.elfredadalby.com.

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