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Results from Advertising with The Wedding Ring

“The Wedding Ring has been, hands down, our best marketing endeavor to date! You are wonderful to deal with, competitively priced and experts in the field. You have also managed to change with the times and always stay current. I would not ever question the necessity to be present on your site and in your magazines. Each time I hear ‘we saw you on the Ring’ I know our investment is coming back ten-fold.”
Erin Lister, Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

Latest results from wedding experts in The Ring…


“I can’t say enough about the professionalism I received from The Wedding Ring. My review was done quickly and efficiently and the telephone interview was interpreted perfectly. The Wedding Ring has been instrumental in launching my photography business and I highly recommend this avenue to anyone. The opportunity to post images, interact with clients via the forum, submit complete weddings for consideration, and many other bonuses makes it worth every penny. I also had the opportunity to be featured in “The Wedding Ring” magazine and to see my work in print and to be able to show potential clients has been a highlight of my career thus far.  The business growth opportunities are endless with The Wedding Ring don’t hesitate just do it.”




“To sum up my experience with The Wedding Ring in one word it would be ‘outstanding’.

I originally approached TWR three years ago… I was at a cross roads between my full time job and my passion of wedding photography. I had been photographing weddings for 6 years at the time and was getting 15 weddings a year by referral only. I knew I was onto something however I really wasn’t sure how to make that leap [to quitting my ‘day job’ and going full time with photography].

I met with Anne to discuss my situation. She was very open, honest and easy to talk to. We chose on a campaign that she had recommended, that I was completely comfortable with, and went forward. I have not ever regretted that decision.

TWR Campaign packages are worth every penny. Having the amazing web presence that I do has done more for me than any other advertiser I’ve tried combined. An online review, plus web banner, blog shout outs and a magazine ad (per issue – 2 per year) has given my brides a full rounded experience with me and my brand BEFORE they even approach me. Not to mention you get copies of the magazine to give to your brides at potential booking meetings.

Within a year, I was working as a full time photographer. Within 2 years, brides were spending double the amount of money on my services. I am so looking forward to the future of the bridal industry with The Wedding Ring.

To top it off, my experience with the staff at TWR has been fantastic. Any questions I’ve had they are quick to respond and very helpful. The gals are great for reminding me within ample time when my web banners or print ads are due. They encourage you to send work to be shared in their social media and will easily accommodate extra blog posts if you have a fun and unique wedding you would like a little extra exposure from.

Thank you The Wedding Ring, my business truly wouldn’t be where it’s at without you.”

Alicia Riley Photography


“The Wedding Ring has been referring wedding couples to Brentwood for 10 years now and we are so grateful to them. We participate in their Bridal Expo twice a year and the quality of wedding referrals continues to increase. If your wedding is coming up or you are helping someone plan for their big day, don’t miss going to where they review vendors, host wedding shows, contests and giveaways with their goal belief being to focus on the bride and all else will follow.”

Brentwood Livery

NOVEMBER 2013 | Courtney Lackner

From the first day, my experience with The Wedding Ring has been nothing but positive. They have played a huge role in helping to expand my clientele and the staff is both extremely professional and knowledgeable about all things wedding. They truly care not only about their vendors, but also about the brides in the community. They have continuously gone above and beyond for me and opened many doors for my business. I am extremely pleased with my decision to advertise with them.

Courtney Lackner
Professional Makeup Artist

JUNE 2013 | Elm Hurst Inn

The Wedding Ring has been, hands down, our best marketing endeavor to date! You are you wonderful to deal with, competitively priced and experts in the field. You have also managed to change with the times and always stay current. I would not ever question the necessity to be present on your site and in your magazines. Each time I hear “we saw you on the Ring” I know our investment is coming back ten-fold. Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

Erin Lister, Wedding & Special Events Coordinator
Elm Hurst Inn & Spa
800-561-5321/519-485-5321 Ext 236

JULY 2013 | Cutten Fields

When asked why we advertise with The Ring year after year, our answer is simple; 75% of our brides come from The Wedding Ring! Also, The Ring has helped us raise community awareness that Cutten Fields is indeed available to non-members for weddings.

Vanessa Hovius
Cutten Fields
519-824-2650 Ext 223

“Just wanted to say fabulous show again! We are definitely in for the fall show (I have already sent our form). We would love to have the same booth. I couldn’t see really anything that you need to improve on…. This show certainly surpasses the [other large local K-W bridal show]. Will you be expanding into more markets…? Great job ladies!!!!”

Julie at Hudson’s Bay Gift Registry (Fairview Park Mall)


David said, “I’m only interested in advertising with a company that brings me business and brides and grooms are calling us from being on the Ring. In the last 6 months,  it’s the most recognized source … I would say that 80% of the brides that call me heard about us on the Wedding  Ring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any vendors in the wedding industry. The last 5 brides who came to the London Club and booked read our review on the Ring.”

David Unger
London Club


“I like that it’s a community of vendors – you can go in and find everything you need in one location – you don’t have to search the web – The Ring has done all the work for the Brides and vendors.  It’s a great place for vendors to stay in touch – it’s easy to get information. I like the fact that the members are on the site as well. It’s local and Canadian. I get good service. It’s a good resource and a great marketing tool that any vendor should consider.”

Christine Rozon, Owner


“The  Wedding  Ring has been our  ally for a number of years. It is important for a TV series to be in touch with the audience. What better way of doing that than with  the help of an established  and popular publication! The Wedding Ring has featured  a number of interviews with our star  wedding planners and helped us with delivering Rich Bride Poor Bride news to the readers. Thanks, Wedding Ring.  Let’s keep working together!”

Simon Gebski, Supervising Producer
Rich Bride Poor bride

Geraldine Peters who is a member of several networking groups said “I only advertise to brides in the Wedding Ring because it’s the best place to reach Brides in our local area. I’ve been told that the Brides track The Wedding Ring for all their wedding needs. It confirms my reputation because the Wedding Ring has a good reputation on its own for choosing reputable businesses and so Brides trust who they see on the Ring. I’ve also done several internet weddings from contact on the Ring. It’s also a support wall for me.”

Geraldine Peters
Owner and Professional Floral Designer

Claudia likes “all the information that is offered – it’s really helped out a lot, it’s like one stop shopping and is user friendly. We like the way you present us to the public – it really depicts what we’re all about and gives them a lot of useful information.  If brides go online, it’s always the Wedding Ring.  Vendors won’t go wrong if they want the wedding market. Service is great – if you need anything it’s done right away.” – Claudia Neville, Director of Sales & Catering,

“We get a lot of referrals from The Ring. They do a great job in the way of service and communication. I think you have a great product. The Review and Banner Ads online have been very successful and have been quite effective.”

Natalie Zima, Owner and General Manager
Best Western Stoneridge Inn and Conference Centre & Rose Chapel
Governor Region 3-37 Best Western Hotels,