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Incredible spaces, flexible options, and a naturally beautiful country club setting has Dundee Country Club booking ahead

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For fifty years, Dundee Country Club has been home to countless K-W and Cambridge area couples’ weddings. With ceremony and reception options, cocktail hours by the fireplace, photos by the pond, flexible catering and bar options, beautiful banquet rooms and an attitude that’s all about you, Dundee Country Club makes it easy for a couple to want their wedding here. After watching couples tie the knot at Dundee Country Club for several years now, the staff at The Ring were excited to finally have our chance to interview and review the staff and facilities for ourselves. Here’s what we found…

Weddings with Dundee Country Club

Just a few minutes West of Kitchener, Dundee Country Club is a Golf North Property run by General Manager, Frank Bester. To the public who come from the local community, Dundee offers an eighteen-hole golf course with ninety-seven acres of green hills, ponds, and forest in the New Dundee area. To brides and grooms who want to plan the perfect day, Dundee offers a long list of reasons to get married here.

Frank and his team of event specialists, including Danielle Cotey, Hospitality Manager, meet with the couple and organize many of the details that go into their wedding. They work with couples and Dundee staff to make sure that everyone is on the same page in regards to the menu, set-up, accommodations, and décor – among other essential details. Danielle says Dundee’s philosophy is that anything is possible, “We’ll find a way to make it work whenever we can.” In fact, Danielle adds that at Dundee all you have to do is give them a budget and a number of guests and they’ll make it work for you.

This was certainly the case for Ryan and Lynn Perry who had their wedding photos and reception at Dundee Country Club. Lynn told The Ring, “[They were] able to work with us and show us easy ways to stretch our budget to fit our party ideas.” She adds that, on top of that, Dundee’s prices were absolutely unbelievable, “we were able to obtain services that were completely out of our price range at other venues.”

Katie Bell, another Dundee bride, described her experiences with the Dundee Country Club for her wedding. “[They] always made me feel like an individual, not just another wedding that they had to deal with. They were always available when I had to ask a question and even sent emails to touch base when it had been a while since we last chatted! About a month before our wedding… they went out of their way to search around… that was certainly not in the job description but showed just how much they cared and helped to keep me calm and level headed so close to the wedding!”

“The staff at Dundee were fabulous. They were very professional and helped us in every step along the way,” Scott and Melissa Kelterborn told us. Scott and his groomsmen played golf the morning of his August wedding at Dundee and later held their reception there.

Your Dundee event coordinator will be on-site for the entire day and night of your event. There are no worries about the reception. They’ll coordinate with your other wedding professionals and Master of Ceremonies to ensure a smooth and stress-free day. Chloe, who married Colin at Dundee, told the staff at The Ring that she was an emotional wreck on the inside for the entire day leading up to their arrival at the club. “… By the time we got to Dundee, I’m sure they could tell… Their confidence and friendly attitudes were definitely reassuring.” By the end of the wedding process, Chloe and Colin say they felt like they were close friends with those at Dundee.

Ryan and Lynn told The Ring that Dundee “was extremely thorough and professional before, during, and after our event.” Lynn adds that the staff they worked with suggested ideas for their reception that they hadn’t thought of and made themselves very available during the reception, dealing with all of their last-minute requests.

Two wedding spaces, two wedding styles

One of our favourite things about the Dundee Country Club is probably the fact that just about any bride and groom coming through their doors can find a space they love. The club offers two banquet rooms to choose from, each with its own entirely unique look, colour palette, and overall style.

The Claymore Hall has a high peaked ceiling, wooden features, white walls, and a ton of natural light that comes in from its balcony and wall of windows. The space would work with both a more traditional wedding and a newer elegant (but contemporary) style. It can host up to 140 people for a ceremony (using theatre-style seating) and a sit-down dinner reception.

The Cairngorm Hall has a great L-shaped design, a large mahogany bar, a fireplace, a mix of light and dark colours, and plenty of natural light shining in its large windows. This space can seat up to 80 guests for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Both reception spaces are separate from the club areas, meaning you can have the atmosphere of a country club wedding without the worry of running into any of the Dundee members or other events at the Club on your wedding day.

Ryan and Lynn told us that the room they held their reception was perfect. “There was always something for everyone… a quiet seating area… a busy dance floor offered our friends a place to dance and be rowdy; while the lounge seating provided those attendees who needed to get off their feet an opportunity to rest and talk.”

When couples host their ceremony and reception at Dundee, they do so with the peace of mind that their wedding day is the only one taking place there on that day. Danielle says that they limit the site to one wedding so that their entire staff can focus on making sure that the day goes perfectly. While they sometimes have tournaments or banquets at the same time as your wedding, Danielle says that they won’t interfere with your planning because the needs are entirely different.

We were told that frequently, couples will rent the smaller banquet room for the ceremony and the larger room for the reception.” But with the right set-up, décor and guest count, either room could be used for either purpose. Danielle recommends that couples just relax and let Dundee staff handle the logistics of two events in one location.

Scott and Melissa told us that the banquet hall where they hosted their wedding reception was “a large open room with a warm intimate feeling where everyone feels included.” Scott adds that Dundee’s options were awesome “from the flexibility of the menu and bar to the various banquet halls… The food, service, and planning were excellent and if we had to do it again we wouldn’t change a thing.”

Take it from the top

Dundee Country Club is happy to accommodate requests for wedding rehearsals if you’d like to have your wedding party take a trial run before the big day. The only thing to keep in mind is that they cannot guarantee that the space will be available for your rehearsal date until about a week in advance (due to tournaments, etc.), so you may need to be flexible with timing. Danielle recommends choosing a different day for the rehearsal, such as Thursday instead of Friday.

Taking it outdoors at Dundee Country Club

Being a country club, Dundee’s water features, big trees, and rolling hills are perfect for wedding day photoshoots. There is no cost to have your wedding photos shot on-site, however, there are some limitations on where they can take place on the grounds. Danielle can go over this in your meeting with her so that you, your photographer and Dundee are on the same page.

Newly built in 2014, Dundee added a beautiful flagstone outdoor ceremony site overlooking one the many beautiful ponds with rock wall and rock steps that hold subtle and versatile landscaping to match any brides colour scheme-making a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding!


Dundee Country Club weddings come with a number of great options and extras that can help couples make their weddings unique.

Marc Anthony Wines are the house wine at Dundee Country Club which offers a wide selection of multi-national red and white wines to suit any palette. Or if you prefer, you also have the option of bringing in your own wine. To be able to do this, you will need a special occasions permit and the bar would close while your wine is being served. Corkage fees at Dundee are $15 per bottle and are served by the Dundee Country Club staff.

Dundee has great bar options, allowing couples to run a cash bar, loonie bar, and toonie bar. There are no cake cutting and serving fees, which isn’t very common. Danielle says Dundee’s hallmark is their flexibility and accommodation across the board. “The staff, the menu, the options… We like to say ‘we cater your day, your way’.”

A taste of the menu

Dundee Country Club gives all couples a wedding package with menu samples inside. Menus can be used to the letter or used as a list of options and suggestions – more like guidelines. “Our chef is happy to work with you to create your ideal menu.” Once the bride and groom decide what they’d like to serve for dinner, Danielle can price it out. Or they can work backward, if you prefer, using your budget to create your menu. They also offer gluten-free menu choices and can help with all of your dietary needs.

Tim and Sylvia Moore told the staff at The Ring that their Dundee Country Club wedding came with excellent food and service. “They kept circling the floor making sure everyone had what they needed…” Tim and Sylvia’s menu consisted of Caesar salad, carved inside round beef with gravy on the side with oven-roasted potatoes, beans, and carrots. They told us the excellent service and food were what stood out most in their memory of Dundee. In fact, Sylvia added, “I even had a groomsman tell me that was the best roast beef he had ever eaten and would marry the chef who made it!”

Their very mix-and-match menus are available as well as reception packages. Dundee also has an hors d’oeuvres list for cocktail receptions. We were told that the L-shaped Cairngorm Hall is the most popular choice for a cocktail reception. “We can set up food stations throughout the area so your guests can mingle as they like, in and amidst the stations.”

Every couple who books with Dundee Country Club is invited to a private menu tasting before their event. You are welcome to bring along guests (parents, the Maid of Honour or Best Man). The tasting is complimentary for the engaged couple, and only $39.95 for additional guests. “Tastings are so important… They help to confirm selections and show you what style of food presentation you can expect on your wedding day.”

Dundee décor

Dundee provides you with all of your essential linens – table cloths and a wide selection of coloured napkins to match. From there you can bring in the decorator of your choice or handle the rest yourself. Danielle is able to recommend other professionals to help out. “The people that I recommend are the same people that The Wedding Ring reviews.” Tim and Sylvia used Decorating Dreams for the décor and told us, “The room looked stunning!”

Tasha Moore who was also married at Dundee told the Ring that she worked on her Dundee wedding with the helpful staff. “The staff were there the day of the wedding to make sure that nothing went wrong. They offered the office to the bridal party for before and after the ceremony… The place looked gorgeous and the food was amazing!”

Pricing it out

Rental for either hall is $700 unless you choose to forego a bar – in which case rental is $1000. If you are getting married on a non-Saturday, a discount applies. This price includes your linens, set-up, clean up, head table skirting, gift and cake tables, bartender and wait staff and SOCAN fees. To host your ceremony at Dundee as well, there is a $1200 fee, which includes all of the required chairs set up how you want them. Wine, punch and a coffee & tea station start at $25, with meals starting at $65 per person before bar options.

One of the biggest reasons that Scott and Melissa chose Dundee was because they felt it was a high-quality facility for a very reasonable price.

Teeing up

Golf can even be worked into your wedding package if you know it’s something you want to take advantage of. Whether you’re looking for a membership to this or any Golf North Property, or a round of golf for the boys (or girls) before the wedding, Danielle can set you up. “Golfing is a popular bachelor party alternative,” she says, “We have a number of grooms who will plan a golf tournament for their party and friends. We also often have stag and doe tournaments.”

Starting at $44 for a round of golf ($55 on weekends), Dundee’s course is a par 72 that is “Tough and challenging… On a rating scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most difficult course, Dundee Country Club is an 8.”

Booking Dundee Country Club

Your best bet is to book 6 to 12 months in advance, though some 2021 dates are still available. But like most venues, they’re happy to take last minute bookings. “We can accommodate your event with up to one month’s notice if we have the space available.”

Dundee hosts an average of 35 weddings per year and you can have your event at Dundee Country Club any day of the week, and at any time of year. The golf course, as you can imagine, isn’t open in the winter, but the banquet facilities are. They also host corporate functions, Christmas parties, showers, stag and does and just about any other special event you can think of.

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is due at booking, with post-dated payments of $1000 each due 6 months and 3 months before the wedding. A week before the wedding, when all details are finalized, they will provide you with an invoice outlining the balance. The balance is due the week after the wedding.

Details, details, details

• They recommend booking 6 to 12 months ahead, especially for a Saturday wedding.
• $1000 holds your date at Dundee, with flexibily payment options available leading up to your wedding day.
• Your balance will be given to you a week before the wedding and is due a week after the big day.
• Taxes and gratuities are not included in the price, and menu prices are secured for 1 year after putting down a deposit.
• You will need to confirm your guest numbers and menu options no later than 7 days ahead of the wedding.

In other words…

“I would recommend Dundee for the service, the food and the beautiful rooms they have… I really liked the entire wall of windows.” – Mrs. Sylvia Moore

“I genuinely loved our entire experience with the Dundee Country Club, and I was more than happy to give them a fantastic review. We saw many hotels and golf courses and had lots of phone and email contact with managers of potential venues. By far, the most accommodating were the staff at the Dundee Country Club. They understood that we were in kind of a tight [5 month] time frame, and made all of the details completely stress-free. During our first viewing of the event space, we were introduced to the head chef and were told that basically, in every aspect of our wedding reception, we could do anything we wanted and that their menus were mostly just suggestions…” – Chloe Lobsinger

Contacting Dundee…

Danielle and the team at Dundee Country Club welcome all wedding inquiries! You can reach them directly using the form below 🙂 Dundee Country Club is located at 1801 Queen Street North in New Dundee and if you are interested in viewing the grounds and halls for yourself, make sure to book an appointment with Danielle for a visit (use the form below). For a photo gallery and other information, visit golfnorth.ca/dundee.  Dundee has also been featured in this real wedding story.

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