Why this designer loves investing in paper for weddings

Written by Designer & Company Owner, Heather, of Red Bicycle Paper Co. (redbicyclepaperco.com) (click for review) | Photo above: Anne Edgar Photography

One of my favourite aspects of a wedding, is coordinating paper.
From the invitation, right down to the thank you cards, your guests will appreciate the theme from start to finish, and you’ll love having the design to look back on for years to come! Paper products for the day of your wedding spruce up the venue, and pulls everything together, from the flowers and décor, to the card box and thank you tags.” – Heather

Invitations & Reply Cards

Your wedding invitation is generally the first glimpse into your wedding that your guests receive. It sets the tone for what they can expect. It tells your guests if your wedding is formal, or casual, rustic or glam. Aside from the important information like date, time, and location, it allows you to show your personality through design aspects, and it shows your guests a peek at what’s to come. Customize the fonts, colours, and design aspects of your wedding invitation to make a statement!

Traditionally, your guests will also receive a reply card along with the invitation. The reply card provides attendance information, but you can also request meal selection information if your venue requires it. You can also have some fun by adding a song selection or wording that reflects your personality and tone of your wedding! It can be so much more than ‘Please Reply’.

Venue: Walper Hotel | Photo: Jessica Imrie Photography
Venue: Walper Hotel | Photo: Jessica Imrie Photography

Accommodations Card

If you have out of town guests, or if your wedding reception is in a different town than where most of your guests reside, it’s nice to get a special wedding rate at a local hotel. Providing this information to your guests on a separate card provides your guests with the opportunity to plan their schedule around your wedding.

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Details Card

I always love a details card because it can include so much information! You can include shuttle or parking information, brunch or gift opening information, and of course, any important details your guests should know about your special day like cash bar prices, or after-party instructions!


A formal card that has become so much fun! A program is no longer just a ceremony timeline, you can include information about your wedding party, or facts about you and your spouse! You can have fun with it, and provide your guests with some fun reading material before you walk down the aisle.

Heather was incredible, she made our wedding planning process go so smoothly, anything paper related she knew all about it and could help with many of the little decisions that brides/grooms don’t have to think about on a regular basis. – Megan & Alex, married August 19, 2017

Seating Charts

Where will your guests sit? Some couples opt to allow guests to choose their own seating arrangements, which can actually be quite confusing and stressful for your guests. Having a seating chart as they enter the reception area, provides organization and control over who sits where, so that your family members aren’t in the back corner, and your boss isn’t sitting in the very front!

Place Cards

Along with a seating chart, you can control who sits where, and also welcome your guests to their place setting with a coordinating place card. Your guests will feel special seeing their name, and the small card completes the table look. Your wedding venue will also appreciate a meal selection indicator so when they’re plating dinner, they know which guest ordered which entrée!

Table Numbers

A simple oversight that a lot of couple’s miss! Table numbers come in an array of styles, and are a low cost item that directs your guests to the correct table for seating. You can use numbers, or words that suit your personality and likes! For example, you can use the names of countries you’ve visited with your spouse, or your favourite movies! Be unique, and have fun with it!

We chose to have someone design our paper products instead of an online option because we loved the idea that we would get to collaborate with Heather and actually get to hold the proofs in our hands.  – Megan & Alex


Some venues provide a basic menu, but if you can fit it into your budget, I highly recommend having menus designed for your guests. A menu at each place setting gets your guests even more excited about dinner! You put a lot of thought and effort into the menu selections you make for your guests, so why not display the selections on a beautiful card tucked into your guest’s napkin!

Venue: Walper Hotel | Photo: Jessica Imrie Photography
Venue: Walper Hotel | Photo: Jessica Imrie Photography

Thank You Tags

If you’re providing a thank you gift for your guests, complimenting it with a simple thank you tag not only coordinates with the rest of the paper products at your wedding, but it also shows your guests that you care! Not only do we supply the tags, but also coordinating ribbon to finish the look!

Thank You Cards

Once your wedding day is over, your guests have eaten, drank, and danced the night away, and you’ve returned from your relaxing honeymoon, it’s time to think about thanking them for their gift and attendance. My favourite thank you card design is using your wedding photo on a 5×7 card which also doubles as a keepsake for your guests. However, we can also design a thank you card that compliments your wedding stationery, or design something completely new for your guests!

“Our favourite part about all of your wedding paper is seeing it all together the day of your wedding. When we design your day-of stationery products, we also set them up at your venue(s) to ensure everything is accurate and complete. You’ll appreciate that all of the little details come together to make your wedding a dream come true!” -H

Contacting Red Bicycle Paper Co.

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