{Design Palette} Succulents & Cacti create an etheral photoshoot

The winter sun was high in the sky but the air was warm and the light diffused and filtered through the dusted windows of the green house.
Walking through stunning succulents and towering cacti in a unreal size produced an ethereal feel. Julie Nicole Photography (julienicolephotography.com) put together this serene photoshoot and we think she got the exact feeling she was going for! 
A fantastic realm of beauty paired with arid life, each piece so wilfully exists against the odds but sits with a stable grace and purpose. The jewelled green tones and intriguing shapes the flora created a dynamic and complementary environment when paired with the classic muted tones and soft vintage elements of the chiffon gown and fur shawl.
Careful planning and attention to detail brought this editorial to life, bringing forth the fusion of reclaimed pieces and an other-worldy environment to create a classic feel with a captivating look. This Bridal inspiration shoot was designed and planned out with the purpose of showcasing to the new DIY bride that you can create a unique look with out spending a fortune. Each piece of the wardrobe even the ring, was sourced out from local antique markets, and thrift stores.
“You would not believe how incredibly warm it is inside of the greenhouse. These typed of locations really are the perfect venue for Winter and style conscious brides. I can envision the prettiest chairs all lined up between the rows and rows of hanging baskets and greens.
We started the session off with some pretty detail shots of the different succulents, and plants. Ring shots look amazing with all of the texture we found just hanging around. It really is a photographers dream venue. I got special permission to shoot in this location, and they are not really a big fan of large events and photography in the space, so I was very fortunate to get the opportunity.” – Julie
“I really hope you all think this session is as beautiful, and so on trend as we all do!
Honestly, I do not see too many sessions showcasing just the bride. Just her in her natural, authentic, raw form. I would love to see more brides take time to get all dolled up even before the wedding day just so they can have a session all to themselves. No rushing, no timeline, just relaxing and enjoying the moment.” – Julie

Contacting Julie Nicole Photography

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