{design palette} Professional decor & DIY savviness come together in this gorgeous rustic wedding 

In this wedding, which was a mix of DIY savvy and Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist’s savvy, Krista & Dave celebrated their wedding in a gorgeous yet rustic wedding day that we adore. Ainsley Poirer, owner of Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist, says “It’s great to put a bit/touch of yourself into your day [via DIY projects], but just remember; you have more important things to worry about on your wedding day than decorating your hall!” And that’s where Ainsley and her team come in, picking up on the details left undone, the design concepts that bring it all together, and the planning that make it all happen at once, on your gorgeous wedding day!

BRIDE & GROOM: Krista & Dave
DESIGN & DÉCOR: Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist www.freshlookdesign.ca
LOCATION: Slit Barn (a rare Charitable Research Reserve property – 1679 Blair Road, Cambridge – 519-650-9336)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Eric Yu Photography: www.ericyu.ca
SOME DÉCOR PIECES: Marvelle Events: www.marvelleevents.com

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This design was created by Ainsley Poirier, owner of Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist, and her team. Ainsley’s philosophy is that every couple’s wedding should be unique to their personal style. She is committed to bringing fresh, innovative and creative ideas to every single couple that walks in the doors of her company.  

One bride told us, “People NEED to know about Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist…it should not be a secret.” A photographer who has worked on a wedding with Fresh Look Design Event & Wedding Specialist was so blown away by the work that she says that she can’t imagine using another designer for her own wedding.

For more on this fabulous design guru, check out her review in The Ring, website or Facebook.

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