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From rustic handmade wood beam backdrops to modern details + props, Decorating Dreams has earned their place as a leading wedding decor company

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Decorating Dreams is about personality and style, selection and reliability. Their long-running success revolves around designing countless wedding dreams each year without losing the personal attention that lets you know you’re truly taken care of here.

Lori Cook and Mark Boshart, Owners of Decorating Dreams, offer the décor you’ve been dreaming of, the selection that only a huge inventory of options, themes, props and colours can provide, and the assurance of working with a company that is famous in the area for being among the best in their craft. Let us explain why we singled out Decorating Dreams as the experts they are…

A personal business

You can see a Decorating Dreams display from any point of the room at a bridal show and their booth is always packed with brides. In fact, in the local wedding world, Decorating Dreams was the first decorator to catch our eye and be reviewed in The Ring. It may have been due in part to their open, outgoing personalities, or more because they made it obvious they knew how to make a statement with décor… Either way, it didn’t take too long to find several more reasons to love this company.

Well-respected by local experts, and loved by local brides, Decorating Dreams is a family-run, small-town inspired company run by brother and sister design team, Mark Boshart and Lori Cook. And while the New Hamburg address might throw you at first, you can be assured that there’s nothing small-town about their innovative designs, bright colours, and infinite number of stylish props you’ll have to choose from when you meet with these decorating gurus.

For her wedding, Kate Poirier hired Decorating Dreams and told us, “… as someone who works in the service industry, I value exceptional customer service and attention to detail and Lori exemplified this. Lori was extremely patient, flexible and truly a pleasure to work with. She took the time to go over everything with me, which was so important because I was planning my wedding from Ottawa and couldn’t get back to see everything. She sent me photos during the planning stages and was very flexible and accommodating with the rental return process. What stood out the most was her attention to detail, as well as her complete honesty. It was comforting and refreshing to feel that she truly cared about the look of my wedding day… She respected my budget and offered creative solutions. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Between Mark and Lori, this company offers wedding day expertise, beautiful designs, and the ability to custom-manufacture just about anything.

Loving what they do

Lori and Mark love creating weddings so they put their heart and soul into every one of them. Even with over twenty years of experience in the wedding industry, Lori still talks about her work with passion, “After twenty-five years in business (and almost 3000 weddings!), I still walk into one of our fully decorated halls and feel such gratification. I’m so proud of our business and of what it has become today. I treat every wedding like it is my own!”

Angie A. hired Lori and Mark for her outdoor ceremony and reception décor. What stood out for her about Lori was “such interest in my wedding and a referral that her things are in impeccable shape compared to other decorators.”

With knowledge and experience behind them, Mark and Lori never stop learning and adding to what they can offer their brides.

Brides have the choice of a variety of elements involving rich satin, elegant chiffon and organza fabrics, faux flowers you have to touch to know they aren’t real, romantic lighting, and several matching elements of décor that you have to see to get the full picture. “She had samples of everything on hand and what she didn’t have, she agreed to get in time for my wedding (which was only about three months away),” Angie told us. “When I called to check on her, she said, ‘Oh those, I got those a long time ago for you. Don’t you worry’.”

Katie told us that she remembers walking into her reception space and seeing Lori and her team transform the room, “Her team was working efficiently and did not waste any time. It was clear that Lori was taking pride in the set-up process and had rolled up her sleeves to make everything just right. I was so glad I got to witness this important moment.”

Showing off

Decorating Dreams, multi-award winner of the Record Readers Award in KW has a studio located in New Hamburg, where they show off hints of their work and offer portfolios of hundreds of options. Lori and Mark explain that by keeping their main office in-home, Decorating Dreams maintains a low overhead, and thus their prices can remain lower too.

Pricing it out

When you think of personal decorators, your first thought is that you can’t afford one! Lori and Mark can create wedding dreams of all sizes, within all budgets.

Decorating Dreams provides tons of options while offering a straightforward, detailed price list to each bride and groom that visit them. “The best part about their style is that it is customizable, as mentioned above – they can fit all tastes and styles,” Katie told us. “There were many options for all different price ranges and tastes. Some decorators have a particular style that is either “too funky’ or ‘too traditional’ – Lori had a mix of both and was full of ideas on how to personalize our day.”

For an idea on what to budget… a bride can have a fully decorated 24-foot backdrop complete with lighting and fabrics for $495 to $695. Lori says that ninety percent of their brides ask for chair covers or ceiling treatments. A full ceiling treatment involves between four and eight billowing soft white canopy sleeves, draping the room end to end. Canopies transform a room into another world, for between $395 and $595. “Chair covers are also a very big request,” says Lori. “They completely change the look of a room.” They are washed and neatly stored for every event. You’ll have many options to choose from including rich, satin sashes in over 25 colours.

Bride Jen Connolly told us that other than loving the fact Lori had the exact colour she was looking for, she loved that each item had a set price. “So you can add as many items to fit within your budget. We had our ceremony and reception locations decorated, they both looked amazing and we were able to stay within our budget. We received amazing value.”

Favourite touches…

When it comes to style and trends, Decorating Dreams never seems to miss a beat. In fact, Mark and Lori can take on any wedding style, from vintage to rustic to modern and contemporary (The team at The Ring has seen Decorating Dreams create everything from burlap to “bling” style weddings and we’ve been equally in awe with every single style!).

We love the fact that Mark and Lori have the skill to make their own fabulous props and designs in-house, allowing them to stay ahead of the fold with innovative new designs each season. They’ve always been able to tie their décor in with what a bride or groom wants when they want it. To prove it, you’ll find their newest customizable backdrops to be a mix of elegant, classical, and contemporary styles – all without being fussy or overly complicated.

Yes, the prices at Decorating Dreams are very affordable, but at the same time, their low prices obviously do not indicate their level of quality. Everything is beautiful here. (Just take a look at these photos!) Just talking to Mark and Lori gives you the confidence of knowing that they will deal with every last detail personally. “I needed vendors I could rely on and Lori was one of those vendors…” Angie told The Ring. “I could have got some of my vendors cheaper, but piece of mind is worth some cash, my friends!”

Detail, details, details…

  • Brides usually book at least 6-12 months before their wedding day
  • The average couple spends $1000
  • Deposit due at booking
  • All prices include delivery, set-up, and take-down. Because many halls demand that your hall be clean by 2 or 3 am, this means lots of work for Mark and Lori, and peace of mind for you!

Booking Decorating Dreams


To fine out more about Decorating Dreams, contact Lori directly by email using the form below or call (519) 404-4408. 🙂

She’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or set up an appointment to visit their showroom.
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