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Toronto pro wedding band, DCF Wedding Music, offers live wedding music & DJ services with 1600+ events under their belts
Reviewing David Fraser at DCF Wedding Music

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Offering anywhere from 2 to 7 musicians at any particular event, DCF Wedding Music is passionate about helping couples create the perfect wedding day with live music. Located in Toronto and owned by singer/songwriter David Fraser, DCF Wedding Music works with couples to celebrate their uniqueness as far away as Jamaica, Seoul and Manitoulin Island in Ontario. “We offer exciting, engaging and entertaining music for your best day ever,” says David Fraser.

Staff at the Ring sat down with David (Dave) Fraser from DCF Wedding Music to find out how the company can make your wedding entertainment epic.

About DCF Wedding Music…

As a professional Toronto wedding band, DCF Wedding Music is not a one-size-fits-all band. Everything is personalized and customized, no matter what a client’s budget is.

“I got my start by performing across Ontario as a singer-songwriter and entertainer. People would come to my shows and then meet each other and fall in love,” says Dave. “Naturally they would ask “Do you and the band do weddings?”

At first Dave was reluctant to do weddings because he didn’t want to turn into Adam Sandler’s character from “the wedding singer”.But then admitted, “I felt like a jerk turning down fans, so I started accepting wedding gigs. I found that weddings were a lot more fun to perform than I had originally thought and the clients LOVED the upbeat and interactive show we put on. One wedding quickly became three weddings via word of mouth and then three weddings became nine and so on and so on. Today, with over 1,600 events under our belt I still feel excited and blessed to help couples create the best day ever at their wedding.”

The musicians at DCF Wedding Music…

The team players at DCF include Karrie F – drummer and office wizard, David F – guitar and vocals, Alyssa D – bass and vocals, David D – bass, keys, and electric, Ross B – guitar, vocals, violin and electric,  Dave O – drums, Tyler D – guitar, vocals, bass, and electric, Olivia B – bass, Pete Z – drums and vocals, David H – keys and vocals AND Scott H – DJ / Sound technician, Adam D – DJ / Sound technician and Dave D – DJ / Sound technician.  The number of people who perform at a wedding can vary, but according to Dave, it’s usually two to seven players with or without a DJ. Clients can always requests a specific band member or instrument.

When Lucy Standish-Jones got married she enlisted DCF Music for her ceremony and reception music, as well as master of ceremonies. Before hiring DCF, Lucy did a lot of research and contacted other bands and was disappointed with the responses.
“I came across DCF Weddings by accident and was instantly impressed by their perceived openness through their website and on videos through YouTube,” Lucy explains. “I heard back from DCF within 24 hours of my email request. The email I got back was very friendly, relaxed but professional.”
“[The email] said nothing about prices or dates, but focused more on what they could do for me and the promise they would give me. This put me at ease immediately. Dave suggested that we chat on the phone before going forward to really see if we were a good fit. He was adamant to ensure that DCF weddings would fit with my ideal wedding before making up the contract. This again, put me at ease and helped me to feel like I was in the driving seat.”
DCF Wedding Music, Cambridge Expo Fall 2016 at Cambridge Hotel
DCF Wedding Music
After a two hour phone conversation having all her questions answered, Lucy was confident she was making the right decision when hiring DCF Music. “At the end of the phone call I knew, without a doubt that not only did I want to hire them for my wedding, but also that I trusted them to do everything they could to make my day a success.”
When Kim and Colin McVicker said I Do DCF Wedding Music played their ceremony music, cocktail hour and reception. According to Kim, the band was very open to tailoring their style to her wedding and they even learned two songs specifically requested by Kim to add to their playlist.
“They learned the song I walked down the aisle to and our first dance which just made those moments so much more personal,” she says. “Out of all the professionals I interacted with in creating our wedding, DCF was the most professional while still maintaining a fun and light vibe. If I could have dealt with them on every aspect of our wedding I would have jumped at the chance,” says Kim, adding that budget and style options were very flexible.
“DCF was so flexible and open to giving great feedback on how to maximize their services and the vision of doing music half inside and half outside. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Three reasons brides love DCF Wedding Music…

  1. We are fun and interactive – we don’t just play music, we create moments
  2. We are extremely organized and professional, performing music for weddings is our full-time job
  3. We offer 6 Money-Back Guarantees: we don’t just talk about it, we back every one of our promises up in writing.

Helping make memories….

Lucy’s guests had a diverse range in music – ranging from kids, Newfies, and British guests. “All three groups were very demanding and very different. The Newfies wanted to hear east coast music, the British wanted to hear a mix from the 50s/60s and 70s and the kids wanted to hear chart music,” Lucy says. “DCF weddings were able to not only play all types of music, but played them all exceptionally well. My father-in-law went as far as complementing them on their ability to play Newfie music,” she says, adding that this is a huge compliment from her father.

One of Lucy’s favoruite memories is her nine year old son, Jaxon realizing his dream of being a rock star. “David was very happy to work with Jaxon on a song that they performed together. Dave introduced Jaxon, getting the entire group to cheer for him, he stood by him and gave him support during the song and then made Jaxon feel invincible when he had finished by giving a huge round of applause. Jaxon and my husband loved this, and it truly did make their night,” Lucy says.

When describing the band, Kim admits they were amazing. “They are all so kind and felt like awesome guests who happened to be a wickedly fun and talented band,” says Kim of the band.

Packages offered by DCF Wedding Music…

DCF Wedding Music offer packages that can accommodate any bride’s budget. Services range from just your reception dance music to music for your entire day (ceremony, cocktail hour, and evening reception).

“Our live band or live band and DJ combo packages range from $1,995 to $9,995 and are completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Our DJ packages range from $1,049 to $1,449,” explains David.

For Lucy’s small wedding of 50 guests, she didn’t want a huge band. The packages offered by DCF Music were perfect for her. “DCF weddings have many different packages for all budgets, plus Dave worked hard to find me cost saving strategies so that I didn’t worry too much about the money. I would not hesitate spending the money again on this band, and in fact, in many cases, I think they are underpriced for the service you receive. For the peace of mind they gave me, I would have spent more,” she says.

When asked why he thinks brides choose DCF Wedding Music, David says it’s about trust. “I think that couples understand after meeting with us that they can trust us to create their perfect night. We discuss each part of their entire day and share our experience and advice before they ever become a client.”

DCF Wedding Music’s most popular package is the Gold Package because it’s the right combination of live music (band) and a DJ for the best of both worlds.

According to Kim, the prices were more manageable than anticipated. “Before meeting DCF we didn’t think live music would be an option.  DCF goes above and beyond, helping with music throughout the whole event,” she says. If Kim had to do it again and choose between live music and a sit down dinner, she would go with the music and appetizer. “If you want something out of the ordinary, something special and something guests will talk about – go with DCF.”

When asked if she would recommend DCF Wedding Music to other brides, Lucy admits she would without any question or hesitation. “DCF is truly the best in the business. Trust them, you won’t regret it. Whatever you want they can do. Your guests will thank you for the amazing music, trust me, I am still getting complements from the amazing band. They are truly one of a kind and worth every penny,” admits Lucy. “They never let me down. They told me exactly what I was to expect and they didn’t disappoint. They were very friendly, but professional. They showed that they were excited to be there and even entertained our guests between sets by chatting and having a good time with them. They truly went beyond anything I was expecting.”

DCF Wedding Music 6 Guarantees…

  1. Punctuality

The band will be set up and ready to play

  1. Dress Policy

Clients choose an Attire Bundle

  1. Professional Behaviour

All team members will behave professionally and respectfully

  1. Volume Guarantee

All band members, MCs and DJs will respect the bride and groom’s wishes for volume level and not exceed 124 DBS on the dance floor.

  1. The No “Last Minute” Surprises

What is quoted when you book, is what you pay.

  1. The 24 hour Window Guarantee

After booking, the team will respond within 24 hours. If they don’t, you get a $500 credit towards any add-on of your choice. 

Details, details, details…

  • Couples spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Packages start at $1,995
  • DJ packages range between $1,049 to $1,499

DCF4Contacting DCF Wedding Music

To learn more about DCF Wedding Music, contact David Fraser directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit DCF Wedding Music online at www.dcfweddingmusic.com.

Rate & review DCF Wedding Music…

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5 5 1
David and Karrie provided solo guitar for our ceremony, music for the cocktail hour and live dance music for our reception. each part was perfect! they catered to our tastes and had people dancing all evening. They won accolades from all our guests and even impressed our musician friends. We are planning a summer event and will definitely include DCF !

5 5 1
Just beyond fantastic *****! We booked with David and Karrie Fraser from DCF wedding music for our October 27th wedding. Prior to booking, I had a phone consultation with David and he was very personable and informative; I loved his vibe and he was easy to talk to! David asked me questions about how we envisioned our night going and he helped me come up with a plan that suited our needs. Throughout the year leading up to the wedding David and Karrie were very prompt in answering any questions that we had. Leading up to the wedding, they made everything easy and provided us with a survey to answer, which organized everything in one easy step! I was also easily able to email them a playlist of Polish/Spanish songs to play during band breaks. I felt confident that DCF would do an amazing job and they sure did deliver! DCF made our wedding reception so much fun and all our guests loved the live band aspect of the night. My favourite part was when they played our first dance song, “You Raise Me Up.” It was a very special moment! I like the fact that DCF provide a master playlist with songs for you to look at and choose from. From there they are able to read the crowd and go with the flow of the audience. I also loved when David came out and sang with his guitar in the middle of the dance floor!!! I can tell you enjoy doing what you do and that’s important:) I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for amazing wedding or party entertainment! Thank you so much for being apart of our special day. Sincerely, Annette and Wayne Cappleman
DCF Wedding Music