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David + Kara are wedding specialists offering full service, no-limits packages and a reputation for being one of the best photography companies in the area

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Husband and wife team, David and Kara, are wedding specialists. They focus exclusively on weddings because they feel your big day deserves the attention of an expert. Regardless of your budget, venue or décor, David + Kara Wedding Imagery aims to make your wedding incredible. The duo personally takes on roughly 20 weddings each year thanks to their full service, no-limits wedding photography collections, their incredible reputation, and their 18,000 Instagram followers – just to start. And what they can’t take on, they accommodate with hand-chosen associate photographers.

So, having worked with David + Kara on events and projects for several years, staff at The Ring knew it was time to officially interview and review Owner and Photographer, David Eckmier and his company David + Kara Wedding Imagery. This is everything you need to know about hiring David + Kara to cover your wedding…

About David + Kara Wedding Imagery…

In 2004, David started shooting concerts and bands, as well as overseas documentaries. In 2007, David was persuaded to shoot a couple of his friends’ weddings – he shot his first two weddings two weekends in a row, and discovered that he was hooked. That’s when he started his photography business. David met Kara towards the end of 2008 and by the summer of 2009, she was shooting most weddings with him. They re-branded the business in 2013 as David + Kara Wedding Imagery, and made the decision to focus strictly on weddings. Since then, business has been booming.

“We love what marriage is all about and what it stands for,” says David. “We want the pictures that we take to matter – not only now, but also in years and decades to come. Plus, we love sharing in the excitement and joy of the wedding celebration with our clients.”

While neither David or Kara have any formal education, they are constantly growing themselves as artists and business people through various trade shows and online training seminars for wedding photographers that teach not only photography, but also business smarts.

“Wedding photography is 10% taking pictures and 90% running a business,” says David.

David also adds “our dates sell out so fast that we now also offer and manage two different associate photography brands (Melissa Weber Photography & Kaehler Photo) as well as a cinema brand (Bonsai Creative).

David + Kara Wedding Imagery services…

“Our full service, no-limits wedding photography collections appeal to couples who don’t want to cut corners with their wedding photography,” says David.

He is the primary shooter and responsible for all technical stuff, while Kara is the second shooter and is amazing with the details.

“Our clients tend to choose us because they want wedding experts – they love our elegant, romantic and dramatic style, and they love the fact that our packages are all-inclusive,” says David.

“We shoot twenty weddings per year on average,” says David, adding that they’ve shot more than 100 weddings to date. “Our experience allows us to proactively help our couples plan a day that is an enjoyable and stress free experience, which in the end makes our job – and resulting work that much better.”

“Our biggest reason for hiring David and Kara was their known reputation,” says Aimee Perrin. “They were ranked one of the best in the area. The first time we started thinking about wedding photography was after we went to the wedding show in Guelph in February 2016 and met a few for the first time. I instantly fell in love with their work [even though they aren’t the least expensive]” admits Aimee, who started exploring other photographers. “We quickly learned you do get what you pay for even with photos. I knew I didn’t want to regret the decision and set up a meeting with David and we knew right away it was the right fit.”

One of the biggest reason’s Sarah and Wael Rahimi decided to use David + Kara was because they are a couple.

“Since they were a couple themselves, they immediately understood the concept Wael and I were going for and what sort of pictures we wanted,” says Sarah. “We didn’t have to explain much – they just understood us from the beginning. It was wonderful meeting David and Kara. They explained everything to us and I loved how organized they were. Their online website portal was amazing and we had access to everything.

“David + Kara are an incredibly talented team,” says Dannielle Gallant. She and her fiancé, Mike chose David + Kara after looking at their website.

“We could tell they were the perfect match for our wedding. Their portfolio covered so many styles, from romantic to artistic and that grabbed our attention. When we met with them, they were professional and very personable. They worked with us with only a month’s notice for our impromptu shotgun wedding.” Dannielle and Mike first met with David and Kara to hire them for their 2018 wedding, but after learning that several family members may not be with them the following year, they asked David if they could shoot their wedding in five weeks.

“They took on the challenge, shooting our engagement session the following week, and making our wedding happen on June 3rd of this year instead of September of 2018.

Their excitement at being a part of our shotgun wedding was amazing and they made stunning use of our venue.”

Laura and Ryan Chris selected David + Kara because their photos stood out and their website was so much better than the competition.

“We live in the U.S., but got married near our hometowns of Waterloo and Listowel, Ontario,” says Laura, adding that they originally met David and Kara via FaceTime. “We immediately found them to be very kind and knowledgeable and signed our contract the very next day. We met face to face over the Christmas holidays on a rainy day for engagement photos and snuck inside for a coffee break. David even managed to make the rain look beautiful.”

Sarah feels that David + Kara’s prices were very fair for what they received.

“All those pictures and the edits and the albums… In comparison to the other vendors in the KW region they were the most reasonable.”
Dannielle says that she was blown away with their professionalism – from the first meeting to the wedding to designing their album and showcasing their photographs in their home.

“It took some convincing of my fiancé because they were on the top end of my budget, but I had to have them. I even cut my dress budget that’s how much I wanted them to shoot our wedding.”

Aimee also describes David and Kara as very professional.

“They have the confidence they are going to deliver an amazing product,” she says. “I didn’t get the same feeling from the other interviews we had with photographers. I knew going into this that we were getting quality work. On the day of the wedding they were great and knew exactly what to capture. I really enjoyed knowing they were going to get what we wanted and didn’t have to worry about it, we sat back relaxed and let him do his work.”

“We loved how they played with light,” says Dannielle. “Our wedding took place on my father’s farm, and we knew we wanted pictures in the barn. They captured the light rays through the barn boards in the most striking way!”

Aimee describes David + Kara’s style as dramatic.

“They have a good eye for the right picture to take and gives you beautifully statement photos. We weren’t looking for cutesy photos we wanted dramatic and elegant, which we definitely got,” says Aimee.

“On our wedding day, he did an incredible job of capturing the right images while really being almost invisible,” says Laura. “Aside from the posed photos, I don’t think I even saw him to be honest. He gave us direction when needed and was very professional though just as kind as he had been when we first met.”

A few of our favourite things about David + Kara…
1. David and Kara are wedding specialists – i.e. weddings are 100% of their business as opposed to being just one facet of it.
2. As a husband and wife team, their strengths complement each other and they work really well together.
3. They’re experts at night portraits and they create incredibly unique images after the sun goes down. If you’ve ever seen their instagram feed, you’ll see what we mean. 

“We create images that are compelling, elegant and dramatic with a romantic and cinematic feel,” says David.

Since her fiancé worked crazy hours, David and Kara were always willing to work around Mike’s schedule by meeting with them during the evening or on a Saturday.

“They had a great email system that would space out questionnaires for them to get a better sense of what we were looking for in our wedding. They worked to be able to conceptualize our vision of our special day, so the pictures reflected that.”

David + Kara’s Wedding Imagery collections start at $3950 and include:
• True unlimited wedding day coverage
• Two wedding photography specialists
• A no-time-limited engagement session
• An exquisite wedding album
• Fully edited, print-ready files, plus rights
• And more

“We placed a high value on our wedding photography and that was reflected in our budget,” says Laura. “Though they were more expensive than some other vendors we looked at we truly feel that the prices matched the value. We have a ton of amazing photos that we will cherish forever.”

“David and Kara are a very special couple with an amazing talent. You can truly tell that telling a love story through pictures is there passion and that’s what sets them apart from the rest,” says Aimee.

What Sarah loved most about their style was that David and Kara were able to show the love story between each couple.

“They capture what each couple has to share,” says Sarah. “You see the pictures and you see the love.” She admits David and Kara both made everyone feel extremely comfortable at the wedding and eliminating any stress surrounding the photography on the day of their wedding.

“David has an incredible eye for photography,” says Laura. “We truly don’t think we would have got the caliber of photos with anyone else. Not only did he kill it with our late night photos, the candid ones captured so many lovely moments and had all the right people and background points in them.”

Details, details, details…

• David + Kara Wedding Imagery has won the Record Reader’s Choice Awards for wedding photography + videography multiple years in a row.
• Brides usually book at least 12-24 months before their wedding day, and are usually sold out of summer dates 8 or 9 months in advance
• David + Kara are located in the K-W area. There are no extra charges or travel fees up to 3 hours from K-W area.
• David + Kara book on a first-come first-serve basis. A deposit of $1000 is due at time of booking to secure your date. Brides are able to secure their date without committing to a package; you can put down a deposit on your date and choose your package later on. The remainder of the funds are due two weeks prior to your wedding.
• Average bride spends between $4000-$6000

David & Kara of David & Kara Wedding Imagery
David + Kara of David + Kara Wedding Imagery

Contacting David + Kara Wedding Imagery

To learn more about David + Kara Wedding Imagery, contact David directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit David + Kara Wedding Imagery online at www.davidandkara.com.

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