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Crème Couture styles brides to show off their inner beauty

Michèle Gray and her team at Crème Couture don’t just want to help a bride find a dress. Their goal is to help you find a gown that will reflect your inner beauty with a memorable shopping experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!

Offering warm, friendly and professional services, the team at Crème Couture help you find the style that will reflect your inner beauty. According to Michèle, it’s not about the sale, it’s about finding the perfect dress and making each person feel special. Caring about each and every client is the main focus at Crème Couture.

“It shows not only in the way we work with our brides, but in our products too. I have always selected dresses with our clients in mind. I look for gowns that will make ladies feel excited and beautiful and this has resulted in a collection that is unique, sometimes daring, but always beautiful, flattering and affordable,” says Michèle. “Our gowns are chosen so that brides can look and feel confident and beautiful”.

Here’s everything a bride needs to know about choosing Crème Couture (located in Guelph) as the place to find the perfect wedding gown …

How Crème Couture got started…

Michèle has always had a love for fashion, jewellery, design and styling. As a child, she used to make dresses for her dolls and loved porcelain figurines.

“I remember staring into my mother’s friend’s china cabinet at her figurines longing to be able to wear a dress like that,” Michèle recalls. As a bridal model, she was able to wear those gowns and dresses and today at Crème Couture she brings that same elegance to her clients. “Each client is unique and with the right styling we can show her inner beauty to the world.”

Over the past seven years, Michèle has styled countless women. She always enjoys meeting the next client to style, the next person to make happy, then helping them choose their perfect dress to bring home.

“You cannot be trained to be a good stylist, it’s an inner gift. My modelling years taught me what a good fit felt like, who were good designers to wear, what an exciting dress was like to model. I learned that through feeling beautiful in a gown, I behaved beautiful and radiated my excitement in my performance, I had confidence. I want this feeling for each client I help style.” Michèle says.

Crème Couture style…

Michèle believes that the bride’s gown helps to style the whole wedding.
“It affects the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, the design of the invitations, the flowers and hairstyles, the colour of the table cloths,” she said. “When a brides chooses her gown, I am often asked what hairstyle would I recommend… do I have ideas of the bouquets… what colour for the men’s shirts and suits. It’s fabulous – sometimes I am given the opportunity to guide a Bride in styling her the whole wedding colours.”

While Michèle is not physically at the wedding, she feels that Crème Couture style is represented by the wedding gown, jewellery, veil, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls, mother’s dress, shoes, purses and so on.

“Often we dress the entire bridal party from head to toe. Our Crème Couture Styling is our proudest signature at a wedding.”

“I chatted with Michèle for a few minutes and described what I was looking for,” says Ellen, who accidentally stumbled upon Crème Couture after having visited a few other dress shops. “I was getting the feeling that maybe I was being too picky, but when Ellen’s maid of honour found a dress that was similar to one that Ellen had seen online, they made the drive to meet with Michèle.

“She knew instantly what she wanted to put me in. The first dress was already hanging by the dressing room and she asked are you ready to try on your wedding dress? I put the dress on and instantly felt that magical feeling. And no, it wasn’t the dress I went there for, it was one that Michèle thought of as soon as she saw me walk in. I was so happy and felt so beautiful in this dress! Michèle listened to how I wanted to look and she knew exactly what I needed. It was the first dress that I tried on, one that I would have never picked for myself, and it was THE dress!”

“My favorite memory with Crème Couture is still the relationship I have with shop owner, Michèle. We built such a strong connection,” say Naté, adding that she and Michèle still keep in touch. “Michèle worked one-on-one with me throughout the entire process. From picking the gown, to alterations, to teaching my maid of honour how to do up the dress. She was available any time I needed her. I am so blessed to have had such a creative inspiration help me through my wedding process. Michele goes above and beyond for her clients and her love for her work shines so bright.”

The Experience…

The Crème Couture commitment to their clients, whether a bride, a mother of the bride, bridesmaid or flower girl, is to help them find a gown or dress that will make them feel exquisite and beautiful.

Either Michèle herself or a bridal consultant meets with the bride when she first comes in the shop. “When a bride comes in to Crème Couture to look for a wedding gown, we welcome her and her family to our private bridal salon,” says Michèle. “In an intimate setting we can help her to relax and make up her own mind, find her real style and show her true beauty – in the right gown a bride will always look radiant.”

The fit of the garment and its quality are the main focus of the gowns that the boutique carries.

“We carefully select gowns of a good quality and excellent fit for all sizes,” says Michèle.

Ellen van der Burgt, who was married in July of 2017, admits it’s hard to pick one favourite memory because every visit was special, but there is one that stands out.

“My very favourite memory would definitely be having my mom and maid of honour with me as I waltzed around the bridal shop feeling like a true princess and finally stepping onto that stool. Michèle put a beautiful veil on me and that’s when the water works began. The three of us closed our eyes and Michèle said if you say yes to this dress put your hand up. When she said to open our eyes, both my hands were high up but so we’re my moms and maid of honours! It was such a special moment! I am so happy Michèle and Crème Couture were a part of that, and made it so special!”

“When browsing for the perfect gown, Crème Couture stood out to me for having the largest selection of gowns,” says Naté Maetzener, who describes the shop as very classy. “I went into the shop, in hopes of purchasing a very plain, lace gown. I assured Michele I did not want any glitz or sparkle. Michèle agreed, but slowly had me try on more sparkly gowns. The final dress she pulled for me was covered in sparkles and I fell in love. She knew exactly what would suit me better than I did”.

Crème Couture’s prices…

According to Ellen, the prices of the gowns were very well priced and similar to other stores.

“But to me, the experience I had in that store outweighs any other store’s experience, and I felt as though I was treated like gold, that I had paid the big bucks for this great place! Michèle allowed me to take my time in my dress, dancing and glowing – she never pressured me into trying dresses on or asking if this was the dress or that there was a time limit on ordering. It was a natural experience and I said yes in my own time.”

Naté describes Crème Couture’s prices as very reasonable.

“Upon trying on my dress, I did not think it would be in my budget, however, to my surprise it was! I feel like they know how to price their gown’s so every bride can purchase their perfect dress,” she says.

Details, details, details…

  • 80% of the bridal gowns are priced below $2500
  • Bridesmaid dresses start at $250
  • Formal wear varies in price – some are below $300 but the majority are $500 and up
  • Flower girl dresses are around $350 (quality is excellent and the child will not find it scratchy)
  •  The jewellery that Crème Couture carries is designed in Montreal by a designer using only Swarovski stones – this means that with over 40 different colours of crystal, it can be made to match your dress. It is unique and beautiful and prices reflect the quality of the pieces.
  • It is recommended that you make an appointment to book a bridal consultation.

creme couture bridal show display of wedding gowns, flowergirl dresses and bridesmaid dressesContacting Crème Couture

To learn more about Crème Couture, contact them directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Crème Couture online at Crème Couture is also featured here and here.

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