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Along with everything else in our lives, COVID lockdowns and restrictions have affected every aspect of weddings: from guest counts to masks, from proof of vaccination to everything outdoors. Wedding cakes during COVID were also smaller and a little bit cuter. It was an excellent opportunity for couples to get really creative with the way they shared cakes and cake favors with guests!

Now that restrictions, lockdowns, and capacity limits are starting to fade into the past, we’re seeing a return to elaborate and decadent cakes. From multi-tiered to multi-flavoured, whether simple or elaborate, elegant or whimsical, couples are going all out in the sweetest way!

ABOUT CAKE CROWN: At Cake Crown ( Toronto, ON our passion for the art of cake decorating is both joyful and extraordinary – our tailored approach transforms wedding cake visions into breathtaking creations. Inspired by our European origins our belief is that artisan cakes should be memorable not just for the looks but also for the irresistibly delicious taste. We use the finest ingredients and take special care working with our clients to transform sugar into art, an end result that is a pleasure to behold and to savor – the centerpiece of a very special day and many cherished memories.

Featured in the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of The Wedding Ring Magazine

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