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Baking up cakes and cupcakes that taste as good as they look is more challenging than many people realize. But Mary takes on this challenge with every gorgeous wedding and event cake she cooks up in her company kitchen at The Cake Engineer. Mary offers “dreamed by you” wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other confections, everything is made to order using the finest ingredients.

Staff at the Ring sat down with Mary Faustino, owner of The Cake Engineer to learn more about why her cakes and cupcakes are unforgettable.

About the Cake Engineer…

There is an old saying, “when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!” This mantra is how Mary started her business. When her corporate employer laid her off in 2011, Mary took her bag of proverbial lemons and followed her passion by turning her bad situation into lemonade.

“That was just what I needed to take hold of my passion and give rise to The Cake Engineer,” she says. “I took those lemons and decided to go to pastry school and make lemon cake with lemon buttercream. I always had a passion for baking, growing up in a family who baked everything from scratch – so this leap just made sense to me.”

Now in her fifth year of operations, Mary has been creating wedding cakes and cupcakes since the since opening the business in May of 2013.

“I do everything from the original consult right up to delivery at the venue and have done that for every wedding I have been involved in since opening,” Mary says, who graduated with distinction from the Designer Cakes program at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto in 2012 and the. Now that she had learned how to make professional looking cakes, she had to learn how to actually start and run a business. So, Mary attended the Business Center Guelph Wellington and graduated from that 42 week program in in 2013. “I currently average about 20 weddings per year, each year adding a few more.”

For Mary, following her passion to open her own cake business has paid off.

“I love making people happy and great quality cake makes people happy. I love hearing from my couples after the wedding about how everyone loved the cake and how they loved seeing their design come to life,” she admits.

Adelle Greenwood knew she wanted Mary to make her wedding cake because of the way she treats her clients.

“I’ve known Mary for a few years and she’s always shown a desire to do her very best for her clients and to sincerely want them to be happy,” says Adelle. “Mary is always pleasant and endearing, and welcomed us into her home. I love Mary’s excitement for the happiness of others. You know she truly is happy to be a part of your special day.”

Katie Kempel enlisted Mary’s services after trying one of her cupcakes at a bridal show.

“I just couldn’t get that amazing taste out of my mouth,” Katie admits. “I booked a tasting so my fiancé could sample. The day of our tasting, it was so difficult to decide on the flavours because they were so delicious, so Mary simply smiled and said “well let’s do them all!” We couldn’t have been happier,” Katie says. Her wedding guests also agreed and Katie was thrilled to see the reaction of her guests enjoying their cupcakes.

A few of our favourite things…

● Everything is made from scratch – Mary admits that she doesn’t even know how to make a boxed cake.
● She uses real buttercream, not the icing sugar-riddled kind and not the kind with shortening. The kind that starts as an egg white meringue, that real butter is added to and, according to Mary, “melts in your mouth!”
● Mary is a one person show and does it all. She knows all the details of every order and ensures each one meets her high standards. She only takes on as many orders as she can manage to help make sure no cake is ever rushed.

How it works, what is costs…

Not only does Mary do the baking and decorating, she also runs the business.

“I perform the consults, create the designs and quotes and then build and deliver the end products,” she says. “I love the couples I meet, their stories and their life journey that has brought them to me. I love meeting them at the beginning of their lives together and following them through life,” Mary says, who also loves the wedding industry and the amazing professionals she’s met. “Some of these other professionals have become some of my best friends and biggest cheerleaders. I have learned so much from them.”

The Cake Engineer’s standard offerings are cupcakes, cakes and cake pops, but Mary also offers other confections on a per consult basis.
“Some years I do more cupcake towers with cutting cakes, while other years it’s more tiered cakes,” says Mary when asked what her most popular service is. “Every year it’s always a mix of both styles and it just depends on what the bride’s vision is.”

Standard cupcakes are $2.50 each. Custom cupcake toppers are priced based on design complexity. Cake pops are $2.50 each and a base buttercream cake price starts at $4.50 per serving, with prices varying depending on design complexity.

Adelle describes Mary’s style as clean and simple, with no distractions or fussiness.

“The cakes speak for themselves. She’s concerned about purity and taste and avoids fussy decorations that taste horrible, but look pretty,” Adelle says. “Mary’s prices are completely affordable! She doesn’t try to gouge you simply because the word ‘wedding’ is attached to the purchase.”

Loved by couples, referred by wedding vendors…

Mark Caravaggio, owner of DJ Charlie Clean describes The Cake Engineer as a small business where you will receive the attention you deserve, with flexible services and custom creations to make every mouth water. “On top of us referring them to our clients, my brother used them for his wedding and I saw firsthand how quickly her creations left each table,” which Mark describes as a beautiful site. “The main reason I would hire her is because there is simply nothing that tastes like real buttercream!”

“I think this goes back to everything being made from scratch,” admits Mary. “I am told all the time how my buttercream is like nothing anyone has ever tasted. My cakes are moist and flavourful and my buttercream melts in your mouth. I have also been told that brides like that I am the person who does everything and because of that they feel a sense of ease and calm when dealing with me – it alleviates a little bit of stress knowing that I am taking care of their cake.”

For Mary, she loves couples who not only care about how the cake or cupcakes look, but how they taste. It’s about the real ingredients and the quality of workmanship that goes into making the cakes.

“They want their guests to remember that piece of cake or that cupcake that they ate and still be talking about how delicious it was after the wedding is over,” Mary says, who can do all kinds of styles from plain buttercream to complex fondant work.

“Mary is very artistic – she nailed my vision to a T,” says Katie, describing Mary’s style as simple but elegant. “The price was unbeatable. Mary doesn’t nickel and dime you – worth every penny,” Katie says, adding that everything is made from scratch and you can taste it in her desserts.

What Mark loves best about working with Mary is eating her work!
“Whenever we’re working an event with her cakes/cupcakes, we know it’s going to be a good night,” he says. “We also love her because she runs her business with the very same core values that we do. Anyone we send to her are treated like gold, and pampered with lovely samples of cake or cupcakes to begin their relationship.”

Robyn Scott, owner and designer at Blooms & Flora describes working with Mary as a dream to collaborate with. According to Robyn, Mary is professional, welcoming and friendly and raves about the open communication they share.

“Mary is a laugh and so great at what she does. She cares so much about her business and her clients and would never disappoint,” says Robyn, who considers Mary’s buttercream to be the best!

Mark describes Mary as a real gem of a person. “I’m certain you will feel her laid back, east coast energy as you taste her samples in her certified kitchen. You will not be disappointed and a top notch wedding vendor to be trusted,” says Mark.

Details, details, details…

● Most couples book 6-12 months in advance especially during high seasons. Mary does accept bookings closer to the date based on availability.
● Prices start at $2.50/cupcakes and $4.50/slice for cakes
● A $100 deposit books your wedding date and cake with The Cake Engineer
● Balance is due by the Monday before the wedding

Mary-CakeEngineerContacting The Cake Engineer

To learn more about The Cake Engineer, contact Mary Faustino directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit The Cake Engineer online at www.thecakeengineer.ca.

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