Budgeting That Makes Sense ~ The Budget Spreadsheet

Photo above: Gary Evans Photography

March 2019 | Yes, it’s true. The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet has been updated with the latest price ranges and elements as researched through reviews on wedding professionals by the Team @ The Wedding Ring!

The Wedding Budget Spreadsheet gives basic price ranges for absolutely everything from the marriage license to the wedding memories, and includes columns for reality – your budget, quotes and actual amounts paid.

Prices are based on wedding industry rates in Southwestern Ontario communities stretching from London to Toronto, Hamilton to Stratford and beyond. There may be less expensive vendors and more expensive vendors, depending on your needs and where you look, but this Budget Spreadsheet gives you the best starting point you could hope to ask for! It’s realistic, local, and can be a fantastic guideline for planning your local wedding.

About the budget spreadsheet…

These budgets categories have to be tweaked to work for you, since not everyone should shoot for a $70,000 wedding budget. The most commonly used budget here will be the “Average Budget”, which can be tweaked to ring in at as low as $15,000 and as high as $40,000. Here’s a few inside tips for getting started on that tweaking…

• Decide which parts of each element of your wedding is most important and spend more on them, less on everything else. If shoes aren’t your thing but flowers definitely are, then don’t get Jimmy Choos, invest in incredible centrepieces instead.

• If you want to save on decor, rent a reception hall that is already beautiful and needs little help with appearance. Then either stroke the saved money off of your budget, or allocate it elsewhere to something you’d like to spend more money on.

• The Gala Affair Budget is for the brides and grooms that plan to take advantage of the biggest and most extravagant options provided by local wedding vendors. It’s not realistic for most couples, however it does give you an idea of the highest end of many of the elements that can go into a wedding. However, if a couple on a “Modest Budget” have made their highest priority the preserving of memories, they may want to increase that part of their budget to the Royal Gala expenditure in that particular column, and then decrease it to compensate in other areas.

• The Modest Budget can be tweaked in many different ways as well – decreasing in some areas by leaving elements out entirely, and increasing in other areas by boosting the budget columns over to Average or Royal Gala budget caliber.

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