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BridesMade offers the glamour of the dress without the stress of the shop Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!

Picture this: You and your bridesmaids are all looking at bridesmaid dresses. You’re relaxed, you are sipping coffee or some wine, you’re in sweatpants or pajamas. And you’re all sitting comfortably on your couch, browsing through pictures of gorgeous dresses, choosing the best one for each girl.

Maybe your bridesmaids are all around the country and can’t all get together to look at dresses. No problem! Go to the nearest computer or phone and there you are, together shopping for dresses. Maybe you’re all too busy to go window shopping and visiting several bridal shops. You go to the best selection on the web and find a dress that fits perfectly each bridesmaid in your wedding party.

That is what BridesMade can do for you! BridesMade is here to help busy brides and bridesmaids enjoy shopping from the comfort of home, whether they are all together or scattered around the country. BridesMade is the first and only bridesmaid dress rental company in Canada, and the convenience of shopping online with a guaranteed perfect fit can’t be beat!

With their approachable service, online presence, affordable prices, and beautiful selection BridesMade is a favourite among brides and bridesmaids alike, being the perfect place to rent (or buy if you so desire) your bridesmaid dresses. Brides who are on a budget, tech-savvy and innovative, or socially conscious find the perfect place to make their wedding dreams come true.

Offering the unique option of bridesmaid dress rentals, with exceptional service, the team at BridesMade will help you find the best dresses to fit in with your beautiful day and fit perfectly each bridesmaid. Elena Hartung, Demand Generation Manager for the company, says: “We love knowing that every day, we make bridesmaid dress shopping more affordable, convenient, and environmentally conscious for Canadian brides. We’re always inspired by our brides’ unique weddings and are honoured to be a part of their special day!”

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing BridesMade to find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids.

How it started

Friends and co-founders Mallory and Kaleah met while attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. BridesMade began from the desire to create a better bridesmaid experience, as well as providing easier service for the bride.

“We thought it was so sad that we heard more complaints about being a bridesmaid than expressions of excitement. We know we can’t fix everything about the bridesmaid experience, but we can fix the dress”.

Today, BridesMade has served over 1000 bridesmaids across Canada in 2 years of service and has done over 200 weddings with their team of experienced e-commerce gurus and wedding fanatics. Their education ranges from MBA degrees, to digital media courses, and hours of watching Say Yes to the Dress!

The BridesMade Style

Bride Meagan says, “My favourite memory was looking at my bridesmaids on my wedding day and seeing them looking amazing and comfortable in their dresses”.

This was possible due to BridesMade’s innovative and service-oriented style. Offering dresses that are adjustable in the most commonly altered areas, in a few different sizes, their dresses are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for bridesmaids of any shape and size.

Meagan explains, “I really loved the one size fits all style as well as the options that my girls who are all different shapes and sizes could wear the dress to suit them best and make them feel comfortable and confident. The dresses are not only versatile, they are also very comfortable and easy to wear.”

At BridesMade you can choose from their Classic or Infinity dresses, as well as groomsmen accessories, flower girl dresses, and bridal robes with over a dozen color options. You are guaranteed to find a style that perfectly fits your wedding. If you choose the Infinity dress line, they offer several “tietorials” on their website so you can be inspired to find a style to perfectly reflect the uniqueness of every bridesmaid in your wedding party.

The company is also socially conscious, applying several environmentally friendly practices to their business, starting with dress rentals, which mean that a beautiful bridesmaid dress is not a one-time wear. The dresses are made, worn, cleaned, re-worn, and then the dress material is repurposed (for example for color swatches).

The experience

“As an extremely busy person I had no interest in going to multiple bridal shops to search for bridesmaid dresses. After seeing BridesMade on Breakfast Television and doing a little more research it became obvious that they were the best choice for me and my bridesmaids.”

At BridesMade you receive excellent service, and the aid of a personal stylist to go through the steps with you and answer any questions along the way.

After choosing your colors you will receive up to 8 free swatches to select your favourite. You have the option of testing the fit of the dresses at home before making your final selection. Rental bridesmaid dresses arrive 2 weeks before the wedding, so that brides and bridesmaids have plenty of time to try on the dresses again and make sure everything is perfect before the big day!

“Working with the BridesMade team was easy and stress free. I received emails to ensure I received the sample swatches that I requested from their website, as well as check in emails leading up to my wedding day.”

At BridesMade if you have a wedding in 3 months or less you can still rent beautiful, affordable bridesmaid dresses. Their last-minute service offers the same quality and standards, as well as a sizeable selection.

BridesMade prices

According to a bride, “Compared to “regular” bridesmaid dress prices, their dresses are fairly priced for the service you receive. My bridesmaids even benefited from one of the sales which allowed them to save even more money. This was a great option for everyone in my wedding party to help keep costs to a minimum all while looking their best.”

Prices are very reasonable and keeping prices well below purchase cost is part of the purpose behind the company, since renting makes it possible to keep costs low.

BridesMade offers rental of bridesmaid dresses, bridal robes, flower girl dresses, groomsmen ties, bowties and pocket squares. Most products are also available for purchase at a higher cost.

Details, details, details

· Bridesmaid dresses are $70 for knee length, $100 for floor length
· Rental bridal robes are $15
· Flower girl dresses are $35
· Groomsmen ties, bowties and pocket squares are $15 each

“At BridesMade we take pride in our service, and the care that we put into each and every wedding.”

Contacting BridesMade

To learn more about BridesMade, contact Elena Hartung directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit BridesMade online at www.bridesmade.ca.

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