{bridal tips} I Do’s & Please Don’ts! Floral Edition

From the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of The Wedding Ring Vancouver Island /Written by FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie


…DO consider sticking with what is locally in season at your wedding time.  Imports can be costly and sometimes the quality can be compromised. Going local will ensure a fresh and beautiful look for your wedding.

Gwen Ewart Photography

…Do Personalize! Bring in any added pieces that bring in family ties or significant moments on your wedding day. Perhaps a locket containing a picture of a loved one or have your bouquet wrapped in fabric from a family member’s dress/veil.  These are nice touches to carry on tradition on your wedding day!



…Please DON’T follow popular trends too closely – your wedding should evoke who you are as a couple. Being yourself is always en vogue!

…Please DON’T pin boutonnieres on the wrong side! Boutonnieres are still considered ‘de rigeur’ for formal occasions but they have evolved.  Ask your florist what options are available for the guys – from traditional all the way to ‘extra manly’. But please, don’t pin it on the wrong side! Boutonnieres should always be worn on the left side, just above the heart, and secured through the jacket lapel.

Gwen Ewart Photography

Gwen Ewart Photography