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Fine art meets photojournalism: Kitchener-Waterloo’s Brian Limoyo Photography tells a couple’s love story through his lens
Reviewing Brian Limoyo Photography

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Since opening the wedding studio in 2012 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Brian Limoyo Photography has been helping couples remember all those special wedding day moments. Considering himself a veteran wedding photographer, Brian has the experience, style and personality to tell your love story through photographs.

“Our ideal bride and groom are couples that want to tell a great love story and who are planning to have an awesomely fun time at their wedding,” admits Brian.

Staff at the Ring sat down with Brian Limoyo to find out what sets his photography business apart from the competition.

About Brian Limoyo Photography…

Brian’s journey into the world of photography started in Montreal. While studying at Concordia and Dawson college, he was also retouching and assisting for some of the biggest Canadian fashion photographers and assisting a wedding photographer on the weekends.

“I remember being really impressed by both jobs. The whole fashion world and the team effort with the art directors, models, stylist – how collaborative it all was, I was really excited to be part of it,” he recalls.

“During the weekends when I was assisting wedding photographers I just loved how I got to be part of making that day even more special for each couple,” Brian says. “It was exciting and I felt I could combine the two worlds in my own style of photographing weddings. I wanted to photograph weddings in a way where the moments in between mattered just as much. I wanted to bring that collaborative spirit to wedding photography, have the bride and groom be the art director while still translating it all into my style,” .

Brian looks at each and every wedding as a collaboration between himself and the couple.

“The challenge is still very exciting,” he admits. “Trying to create something unique for each couple. It really is an intimate journey into people’s lives, I take that privilege very seriously. Most importantly is it is really fun! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, in the end we are taking pictures and that is what we love to do!”

Olivia Ripa and her husband Andrew are from Montreal, they chose Brian Limoyo for his full day coverage package, Montreal being also Brians’ home town

“ He was the second vendor we booked once we were engaged after our venue! He was so laid back and always had so many great ideas for shots. We also remembered having such a great time at his photo booth at my brother’s wedding, that we knew we wanted one for ours as well,” says Olivia, who got married on May 21, 2016.

Bryan and Casey Horn walked down the aisle in June and enlisted Brian Limoyo Photography for both their engagement and wedding day photos. According to Casey, Brian offered everything they were looking for, plus some extras.

“He has a great style, he’s super friendly, and his full day coverage includes a second photographer, Competitively priced, most importantly the photos look awesome and you’ll have them quickly. If there’s one thing about a wedding you want to “keep forever”, it’s your photos,” Casey says, adding how their friends and family were very impressed by how discreet and unobtrusive Brian was during the wedding ceremony.

“Brian is easy to communicate with and responds promptly to any and all emails I sent him throughout the planning process. Both Brian and his second shooter were so great the day of – both so easy to talk to and laugh with. They had a calming presence about them which is great for everyone’s nerves the day of.” Olivia also recalls how hard working they both were. “I really wanted to hang my dress from the ceiling on a hook and they went on my dad’s ladder to hook it up no problem! At one point in the day they were even offering to get me water! Brian was able to get so many fantastic shots while still keeping us on time for the ceremony and reception after which was very important to us.”

Malory & Corey were married in October and they loved working with Brian! “Brian photographed our wedding at Hacienda Sarria. He was amazing to work with from start to finish. He was always available to answer my questions leading up to the day. I was worried about having a short amount of time for photos in between the ceremony and reception but he and his second shooter were so organized and made sure we stayed on track and got all the shots we wanted. Not only is he super talented, his energy and personality made taking pictures so much fun! We received all our photos just over 2 weeks after our wedding and they are just stunning, he captured our day so perfectly!”

Brian Limoyo Photography’s Style…

Brian Describes his style as fine art meets photojournalism.

“I have been photographing weddings for about 12 years,” says Brian, adding that he averages 25 weddings a year.  He keeps the yearly number lower than some photographer because he wants to be able to be fully focused and present for everyone of his clients.

He considers himself to be a wedding photographer above anything else.

“We try and capture all the moments in the day and tell the greatest love story of all. A lot of that comes with being prepared!” Brian says. He helps couples put together a wedding photography schedule that will allow his team enough time to properly capture each section of the day. But Brian is also flexible since every couple is different.

“We try and help each bride and groom prioritize. We will never say no we can’t do that, instead we use our experience to help make it happen. We may not say no, but we may say, ok, but if we do this than we might have to think about moving this around and that might cut into this, and so on,” he explains.

When Olivia received her photographs, she was delighted to find her 4×6 pictures presented in a gorgeous laser cut wooden box. The USB keys with digital images were presented in a matching tiny wooden box.

“They were able to capture our day beautifully, getting shots of discreet intimate moments that my husband and I had throughout the day. Brian had so many great ideas without making my husband and I look too posed. ” Olivia says.  

“Brian’s style (photo journalism) was something we were attracted to. His background in fashion photography was also very evident,” Casey says. “Not to mention he has very quick turn-around times – less than a month after our wedding we already had all our photos! He also gave us our photos in beautiful wood carved boxes as a keepsake,” she says.

Three reasons to choose Brian Limoyo…

1. Confidence. Brian encourages brides to check out their google reviews.

“Making our clients happy is very important to us and it shows in their feedback. Not to mention our 12+ years of wedding photography experience gives us the instincts and ability to discreetly capture your wedding/ceremony,” he says, adding it’s like hiring stylish Ninja’s with some serious photographic skills.

2. They Listen. Modern wedding photography is all about collaborating with the bride and groom.

“With our free consults and use of visual online tools we make sure we understand your vision and aesthetic and tell your wedding story in a way that is as unique as you are.”

3. They are fun and easy going. Once all the planning is done and you are as prepared as you possibly can be, Brian encourages his clients to have fun and enjoy themselves.

“We will help you get organized with a comprehensive photography schedule with every detail you can think of so the day of you can fully be in the moment.”

When asked if they would recommend Brian Limoyo, Olivia, Joanna and Casey agree that they would. “We got everything we wanted plus a few things we weren’t expecting (but loved),” Casey says. For Casey’s husband Bryan, he loved the fact that Brian felt like just another friend hanging out while getting ready. For Casey, her favourite memory was the creative ideas Brian would come up with. ”I liked that he came up with creative ideas like walking through the woods or sitting on a hammock, but he was also quick to say that if we didn’t like one of his ideas we could nix it and move on. We never felt pressured to try anything we were not comfortable with.”

Details, details, details…

  • Full day Coverage with two photographers starts at $4,000
  • The most popular photography package is full day coverage. It allows Brian and his team to really tell each couples full wedding story.
  • ISWP award, ISWP member, WRPA member as featured on Style Me Pretty, Berkeley Events, Fearless Photography member

Brian Limoyo PhotographyContacting Brian Limoyo Photography

To learn more about Brian Limoyo Photography, contact Brian Limoyo directly by email using the form below. 🙂 You can also visit Brian Limoyo Photography online at

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Read what other couples & experts have said…

Brian Limoyo is amazing, and his 5/5 avg. Google rating absolutely reflects his service, talent, and personality. I first met Brian when I was at a wedding show. There were a bunch of wedding photographers there, but his booth jumped out at me right away - his photos were by far the best ones at the show. My husband and I then met with him in person, and I remember my husband saying after, “I want to be friends with that guy! I’ve never met anyone who is so clearly passionate about the work they do!” We did our engagement shoot first, not really knowing what to expect. I was a little nervous at first, but Brian talked us through everything, joked around with us, and really made the whole shoot fun! We even stopped at a local craft brewery after, got some beers, and took a few more pictures. When we saw the engagement pictures we were ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!! I didn’t realize we could look that good, and some how he always gets the light just right. Brian is also very organized. He sent us schedule templates to fill out on Google docs, made sure we were all aligned to the game plan on the day of our wedding, and made sure we were on the same page as to which groupings we wanted for all the family shots. Throughout the day the wedding party and some of my family kept saying to me how easy Brian was to work with, and how impressed they were with his efforts to capture all the moments of that day. I also couldn’t believe how late they stayed once the band went on after dinner. We got some amazing shots of all our guests dancing! We were on our honeymoon when we got the first preview of our wedding day pictures. Again, absolutely blown away! I have been recommending Brian to everyone I know that is getting married, and I would 100% book him again for any major events in my life. But overall, his work speaks for itself. Check out his blog and website. You will see what I mean. THANK YOU SO MUCH BRIAN!
- Jessica

Brian stood out to us when initially selecting our wedding photographer because of the amazing reviews and his portfolio filled with the candid style of shots we were looking for. With his easygoing yet professional attitude, he made us feel at ease wherever we were. He ensured all of our requests were captured and bypassed expectations by finding spots around the venue for even better photos. Everyone loved the photo booth and the props provided! He made it seem easy and we got our photos within 2 weeks. The trouble now is deciding which photos to share because there are so many wonderful ones!
- Laura G
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