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Friendly, outgoing and in love with her surroundings, Karley Bracey is a photographer with a mission – to meld the love she sees in her wedding couples with beauty she sees around her.  Karley is personally inspired and professionally trained to create gorgeous memories for her clients. Over and over, couples we talked to about Karley said the same thing – she brings the perfect West Coast feel to her photos. So let’s find out why Wedding Ring brides should take a close look at Bracey Photography….

For as long as she can remember…

Karley is one of those people who knew very young what she wanted to do with her life as she can always remember loving photography and being fascinated with the magic and art of freezing time. She was inspired by the classic street photographers of the past such as Vivian Myer, Gerry Winogrand, Diane Arbus and W. Eugene Smith.

However, Karley also realized that while it was all very well to have a passion for photos, she also needed the technical knowledge, so she attended the Professional Photography Program at North Island College.  “I studied under some really talented and inspired teachers. I gained valuable knowledge, a new love for photography and the tools and inspiration to start Bracey Photography.”

So Karley started her business four years ago and, so far, her business consists of her and the incredible community around her in Tofino.  She has become well known for the ability to capture natural moments that reflect the couple’s true personality.  But her true talent lies in combining the beauty of a wedding with the natural elements.

Karley takes full advantage of her life on the West Coast. When she’s not working, Karley can be found surfing the beaches of Tofino, travelling, playing her mandolin in the band Little Saturday, or taking pictures with her 1967 Nikon F1.

Karley has a specific approach to her clients. “My approach to wedding photography is intended to make my clients relax.  I have been told that I put people at ease when they are in front of the camera. When people are relaxed they are more uninhibited and this opens up more opportunities for natural, beautiful photos. I shoot solo.  I feel that it is more intimate and conducive to my style.”

One of the best things about Karley is her hands on approach – and we mean hands on! “Whether it’s hiking through the rainforest, climbing on some rocks or playing in the rain it will always be a bit of an adventure. I love the outdoors, and am constantly inspired by the beautiful place I call home, nature provides us with the most dynamic skies, stunning light and intense colours, and I love incorporating these into my wedding photography. It’s rare that I come home from a shoot clean and dry!”

We especially loved hearing about what keeps Karley inspired. “Every time I shoot a wedding, I just think how lucky I am that this is how I get to make my living. I love that there is so much love in the air and so many awesome emotions, I am happiest when I am behind my camera capturing all this. I love all the amazing people I get to meet and all the stories I get to hear and that no one wedding is the same, so it keeps my job so interesting and fresh. The place I live, the places I travel, the people I meet and my love for photography all keep me inspired to keep pushing it and my creativity to new levels. “

What are her plans for the future? Bracey Photography is extremely busy in Tofino but she is planning to extend her portfolio, encompassing Vancouver Island and beyond.

In love with locations…

Karley has tons of experience as Tofino has become the ‘Mexico of Canada’ as far as weddings go! “Sometimes timing can be difficult as Tofino is a destination but I try to meet up with all of my clients prior to their wedding as it makes everyone much more comfortable on the day. Leading up to the wedding there are email exchanges discussing all the wedding day details and, if the wedding is in Tofino. I am always happy to offer any local info to help clients plan their destination wedding.”

She also loves looking for new locations for her photography.  “Every time I go for a walk on the beach or a hike in the forest or even just cruising around town I am constantly looking for new, fun locations to use. I understand the weather here, know good places to when it’s rainy, windy, best places for sunsets and where the pretty light is 🙂 I think that lots of people are leaning towards having smaller intimate weddings, and keeping the emphasis of the day on what is really important.”

Judy, who married in 2015, found that Karley kept them relaxed. “It was such a pleasure to have Karley take our pics. We felt like were just taking a nice long walk on the beach. She made it relaxing and fun – all very natural. It was a misty day and she really captured the romance and the beauty of the moment.”

Catherine and Doug, a Wick Inn couple in 2015, chose Karley because she really listened to their wishes. “We found Karley appreciated our unique small wedding, and every request and wish that we had was honored. She showed flexibility and we felt we connected with her personally on our wedding day. She appreciated us and honored is and she was genuine in showing interest in us (Cath age 64/Doug age 69!).  She really showed us how much she enjoyed being part of our special day and she didn’t push us to do anything that we felt uncomfortable with!”

Karley really enjoys the couples she meets through her work. “Many of the brides that I work with have a sense of adventure and aren’t afraid to get their toes a little wet. I don’t like to interfere with my clients natural interactions and I think that this lends me opportunities to capture photos that reflect their true personalities, and a much more candid style. Because of the nature of Tofino, it seems to attract a much more laid back approach to weddings. The type of couple that gets married in Tofino wants their wedding to be about their commitment to each other, surrounding themselves with their closest friends and family,  enjoying the beauty of their surroundings oh, and eating  really good food.”

Rachel, a 2015 bride, found that Karley helped them through some nervousness. “I have the type of personality that usually errs on the cautious side and I need to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. I told Karley this on our phone calls before meeting. At our wedding photos she remembered me saying this and totally helped me to push past my comfort zone to capture some amazing photos.”

Sophia also loved Karley’s ability to instantly bond with a couple. “Karley was awesome to work with! She was very quick to respond and helped us choose our location and time of day to achieve great photos. Her enthusiasm was evident in her emails and she even met up with us for a beer the day before to get to know a bit about us. She went above and beyond by coming to see us and ensure we would be comfortable with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding day and the photos show us in our element, the photos were not staged they are real.”

Details, details, details…

Bracey Photography offers a wide range of packages. An elopement package can include 1.5 hours of photography to a full day though she is always happy to customize a package for clients.  All packages come with a USB of the edited high resolution images, a link to an online slideshow (which makes sharing your wedding photos really easy) and a variety of album options. Prices range from $700 to $3300 and there is a 10% deposit upon booking and its best to book up to 18 months in advance.

Judy, a Long Beach Lodge bride, specifically commented on the value of Bracey Photography. “Great value. Each one of the many pictures she gave us perfectly captured the gorgeous setting and our emotions that day, and we were able to share some of them via social media almost immediately. We then received the full set on disc shortly after.”

Rachel appreciated Karley’s flexibility. “Karley’s prices were a good value for her service. She even stayed a couple hours late without charging a large overtime fee. My guests loved Karley and were joking around with her the whole night, which made for some great photos.”

Contacting Bracey Photography

Karley at Bracey Photography can be reached by email at braceyphoto@gmail.com or by phone at 250-522-0155. You can also visit Bracey Photography online at braceyphotography.com.

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