{Beauty Trends} It’s all about the eyes

Formal or fun, bold or subtle, your make up on your wedding day says a lot about your personality. We asked Erika Snyder, one of KW’s favourite make up artists, what’s hot in make up and beauty for 2017. Her answer was simple: it’s all about the eyes.

“The eyes are the window to your soul.”
– William Shakespeare

Erika says that regardless of the overall look of her make up, for brides in 2017, it’s all about the eyes. Whether she’s choosing a bold lip, smokey eye shadow or a defined cheeks, these are the two trends in eye make up that are on every brides must-have list.

1. Eyelashes for days: Eyelash extensions continue to be one of the most popular make up add-ons. Brides, maids and mothers are all choosing to show off their gorgeous eyes with thick luscious eyelashes, both the individual application and one day use. A full set off eyelashes will make your eyes pop in all of your photos.

On the wedding day, Erika offers on-site makeup application at the location you choose. Prices start at $65 for the bride, $50 for members of the bridal party and lashes from $10, to give you an idea. That said, Erika always gives her brides a custom quote that’s just for them and their specific needs. Read full review.

2. Flawless brows: Very sculpted eyebrows make for a very dramatic look and will be the finishing touch to your wedding day make up. Flawless eyebrows will also make your eye make up really stand out!

Wedding makeup expert, Erika Snyder (erikasnydermakeup.com), offers on-site make up for brides across the Kitchener-Waterloo region and beyond. She has done make up for a variety of weddings, magazines and style shoots.

“It’s about helping brides look incredible & feel like themselves on their wedding day.”

Talking beauty & make up with Erika…

Erika Snyder (erikasnydermakeup.com) is an expert when it comes to all things beauty and make up. Her brides rave about her, magazines publish her looks (including The Ring putting her clients on our covers multiple times), and her calendar fills quickly with weddings.

If you have make up questions, this is your girl. Contact her directly using the form directly below 🙂

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