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After 1000+ weddings and an always growing fan base, Anne Edgar Photography & Films knows what brides & grooms want

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Anne Edgar Photography & Films has shot over 1000+ Kitchener-Waterloo and area weddings, countless commercial and portrait photoshoots, and built up an obviously large base of brides and grooms who love (uh, LOVE!) Anne and her team. This professional photographer says she’ll never tire of the art of capturing wedding memories. “We can’t help it,” she says. “We still love it! We love the people… We love flipping through the images… We love that every year there’s something new and exciting to learn about… But really, mostly, it’s the people.

“With a hybrid version of portrait style photography and photojournalism that also includes cinematography, Anne & the team use their collective fine arts and storytelling expertise to go about capturing moments, memories, and personalities on camera.

Anne Edgar Photography & Films is the team of photographers and cinematographers you want by your side on your wedding day. Their photos and videos are about capturing your emotions and getting those shots that truly show off your personality — the kind of shots that you can look back on in years and think, “That is so us!!” Brides love them. We love them. And here’s why…

Personally Speaking…

It’s a combination of factors that has made Anne Edgar & team stand out in the Kitchener Waterloo (and beyond) wedding industry for what they do. Anne has had an incredible education and hands-on training, including a fine arts degree from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, as well as a diploma in photography from Humber College, plus photography courses at Ryerson University, not to mention ongoing training for current photography techniques and innovations. Anne’s team has similar training with their own diplomas in photography from various colleges and universities, as well as their own rigorous in-house training program.

Anne & team also have backgrounds in commercial photography. Her company is often the choice for the weddings of other professional photographers and wedding experts, local and national media personalities, and even some celebrity weddings.

All of these factors play a part in Anne’s popularity with local brides.

Leslie Kokavec recently worked with Anne at her January wedding, “She truly captured the heart and soul of the day. I can’t tell you how many times people have looked at our photos and commented on how alive everything feels. The album tells our wedding story so perfectly and I have no doubt that as a result, we will be able to remember all of the details of that day for years to come.”

And after so many weddings, she still loves it as much as she did the day she started, “Every year there’s something new and exciting; whether it’s technology innovation or new software, a change in media, the addition of cinematography, a shift in style… the changes in the industry help keep my job challenging and fun. But really, it’s about the people.”

A hybrid shooting style that stands out on its own

When we asked Anne’s past brides to describe her photography style, their answer was almost unanimously “amazing!” And if you’ve ever browsed her work, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

On a more technical level though, Anne describes their wedding photography style as ‘hybrid photojournalistic’ with a mix of both naturally occurring moments and skillful poses. “It’s about controlling many elements of an image (the location, the lighting, the angles…) and then drawing out the personalities of the subjects, encouraging movement and spontaneous emotion. The result is always fabulous, even for people who don’t think they are capable of being natural in front of the camera.

She includes some posed shots so that you get all those must-have images. The rings, the family groupings, the wedding party, and so on. Thanks to her fresh approach, these never feel stiff or contrived.

“It’s all about showing relationships, through the small details – the hands, the authenticity of the smiles, the body language. Many people rave about these ‘candid’ shots, never realizing that they were, in fact, closer to being posed shots!”

Julie and Luke Moore were married in June and told us that Anne made them feel beautiful and comfortable, all while complimenting them and reassuring them that the photos would be incredible. “And they were!” they add. “Anne was creative and intuitive with every shot… She always remembered to ask for our input, had time to use her spontaneous ideas, and had us back at our reception on time. I’m amazed to see the moments she captured… we hadn’t even known she was taking certain pictures, or that she was in certain places, but discretely and respectfully, she got so many important moments for us.”

It’s the candid shots that are Anne’s signature. Throughout the day, Anne will be busy documenting all those informal moments that truly capture the essence of your wedding. When you browse through your album in the years to come, these are the images that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and bring back a flood of memories.

Janice and David Bruinsma were married in Elora, Ontario, and had Anne photograph their big day. “The biggest reason we chose Anne was because she was personable,” they told us. “I felt like she would fit in with our wedding party. I liked the way she interacted with the entire wedding party – making people laugh and feel comfortable. The experience was great, she was lots of fun and our pictures are beautiful.”

Unmarked, high-res images a favourite with couples

One of our favourite things about Anne Edgar Photography is that you’re going to get beautifully & creatively edited, full resolution, unmarked images. That means that every image taken at your wedding is yours to use as you like, be it DIY prints & albums, sharing with friends & family, use on social media, etc. Anne Edgar Photography makes it easy by providing an online gallery where you can access and download your full-resolution photos from your private gallery. “It’s all about easy access, easy sharing. Your photos are gorgeous, we want you to show them off, and we make it easy for you to do so!”

Breathtaking cinematography

The film portion of Anne Edgar Photography & Films is lead by Joel, and his team of cinematic experts. Capturing the sound of your husband’s voice as he struggles through his vows, or the words your dad shares in his speech, or just that silly moment you never knew would happen… the films they create are full of emotion, loaded with detail, and sure to make you cry. Every time. The Anne Edgar Photo & Film team works together seamlessly to capture stunning photographs and striking film footage simultaneously, and all with a good bit of joking around too.

Favourite Things

  • Anne & her team will post teaser photos on Instagram ( and Facebook (@anneedgarphoto) as they edit so clients get to see favs as early as the day after the wedding!
  • Online galleries are almost always ready for clients to view while still on their honeymoon
  • The online galleries contain full-resolution – beautifully edited images. It truly makes for convenient access and sharing. Is your mother-in-law bugging you for photos? Simply send her an email with the link & password to your gallery and voila – you are done. Mom can help herself & will never need to ask twice for photos, she is good to go. No extra fees, no orders to place…no follow-up calls…
  • Getting to walk away with high-resolution images, with the option to add their beautiful custom albums and prints for brides who want more.
  • Beautiful custom albums, fine are prints and other gorgeous print display options are available and on display in the studio
  • Anne is all about real people – real couples. That’s probably why brides and grooms have so much fun during their photoshoots (and why her images are so fabulous).
  • Anne Edgar Photography & Films the preferred photo & cinema team for Cambridge Mill, Whistle Bear, Langdon Hall, Ancaster Mill, Roseville Estate, E.V.O. Kitchen, WRPA, Spencer’s on the Waterfront, Earth To Table Farm, the Elora Mill, The Pearle Hotel, and La Petite Chapelle. These prestigious venues trust Anne and her team of experts, and you can too.
  • Not only has Anne Edgar Photography’s work graced the cover of 4 issues of The Wedding Ring Magazine, but she’s also made The List of Top Photographers on PhotoShelter in the Wedding category.

Details, details, details

  • Anne Edgar couples spend $3000 – $8100 for photography and cinematography
  • Because they have a large team of professionals, they often have availability for last-minute wedding dates. However, popular wedding dates are often booked as much as 2+ years in advance. Anne is always happy to check availability for your wedding date regardless of how soon or far away it may be.

Contact Anne Edgar Photography and Film…

To ask questions or learn more about Anne Edgar Photography & Films and view their portfolio, contact them by email (using the form directly below) or by phone at 519-616-2214.

Anne Edgar Photography, The Wedding Ring Ontario Magazine Spring/Summer 2012