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Ann Louise Jewellers

Ann-Louise Jewellers carries on the family tradition of quality and personal service in Western Canada

Ann-Louise Jewellers is a Canadian-owned family business that opened its first location in 1983, in Vancouver. It now boasts fourteen locations across Western Canada, all of which who pride themselves on lifelong relationships with their clients, usually beginning with the all-important purchase of an engagement ring! At Ann-Louise Jewellers, buying is an emotional experience – whether it marks the start of a life together, a landmark of a long marriage or other special moments that are often celebrated with a bit of class and sparkle. The team at Ann-Louise explains, “We want our clients to be ’emotionally happy’ with their purchase!”

When you visit The Bay Centre location, you’ll be speaking with jewellery specialists that are there for the long term. For example, Manager, Lynne, has been with Ann-Louise Jewellers since 1990 and at the same location. In fact, one of our first experiences with Ann-Louise Jewellers was having the opportunity to witness Lynne help a young man purchase the perfect ring for his soon-to-be fiancée. Everyone in the store was happy for him and congratulations were issued all round, as he left with his beautifully wrapped box.

For grooms looking for engagement rings or couples hunting for beautiful wedding bands, here’s everything you need to know about shopping at Ann-Louise Jewellers…

Choosing is so important…

It is very important to everyone that there is no pushiness or overselling at Ann-Louise. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, the first thing you can expect is to answer a few questions that will help you choose the right ring. “We ask about ‘the intended’ a lot. What is his/her style, hobbies, work, and interests? We need to make sure the ring will suit his or her lifestyle… We encourage all stories and really listen to what is said,” says Lynne. The important thing is making the client comfortable and understanding what it is they are looking for in the ring. “And we never go over price point. This is key. When a client does not go over budget they are so much happier with the experience and will return later.”

Lynne trains all her associates to educate, educate, educate. Clarity, colour, quality… all the technical knowledge about the jewellery they are looking to purchase. Lynne points out that, “This is an Ann-Louise signature. It makes the client feel and know they are making the best decision and helps with the fact that most people have never thought about any of this before.”

The shops also offer custom made and bespoke jewellery services to create the ring of your dreams as well as other pieces. Designers and in-store staff will help you figure out your vision and how to make it real.

A lot to love at Ann-Louise Jewellers…

One thing that is obvious about Ann-Louise Jewellers is all the support they offer, not only during, but after the purchase. They are more than happy to offer free cleaning and inspections – even if the jewellery isn’t from their store! They have even helped proposals take place in the store. We love that kind of on the spot assistance! The members of staff are very culturally diverse, and can relate to European and Asian traditions and tastes amongst others. They also represent a wide age range to help understand the importance of every life occasion and help provide personalized service to build a close rapport with customers. Ann-Louise is also LGBT friendly.

We love that Canadian diamonds are offered at Ann-Louise. Did you know that there are diamond mines in the Northwest Territories? We didn’t! The quality is in the top tier of all the diamonds in the world and they are mined in an environmentally and politically sensitive manner. If shopping Canadian is a priority, Ann-Louise Jewellers can help.

While chatting with the associates at the Victoria Bay location, it is obvious they all enjoy their work. As Lynne explained, “We have wonderful and rewarding jobs helping people make other people happy with some of the most important and joyful purchases of their lives. We hear all the love stories… romantic and familial. It’s very emotional and touching. When couples return to show us photos and, later, to introduce us to their children, we really feel we have done our best.” It’s no wonder that the shop finds itself the lifelong jewellers for most of their clients. “It’s a lovely business to be in – helping people make others happy!”

The Race for the Ring, courtesy of Ann-Louise Jewellers

We were proud to be working with Ann-Louise on The Race for The Ring 2013-2015. Not only was Ann-Louise the starting line for this scavenger hunt/race, but they offered the grand prize that couples competed for – a diamond ring. Lynne was pretty excited herself with lots of plans for the couples who attended. “It’s great to be involved in something that is local and draws attention to businesses on the Island.”

Contacting Ann-Louise Jewellers

In Victoria, you will find the shops at The Bay Centre at 1150 Douglas Street and at the Mayfair Shopping Centre 3147 Douglas Rd. The Head Office remains in Vancouver. For more information, online shopping and details on all fourteen locations, visit their website at www.annlouise.ca.

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I have been working with Lynn at Bay centre the past few weeks on purchasing and selecting an engagement ring. She has been thoughtful and patient. Also like how non pushy and supportive she is. Will continue to shop there.

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I have dealt with Ann-Louise on many occasions. I have recently had great service with a lady named Tiffany Vu @ Mayfair Shopping Centre in Victoria BC. She's very professional & polite . Keep up the good work Tiffany, Will be back, thank you