{expert tip} 9 pro-recommended ways to set the right tone for your wedding day

DJ Charlie Clean recommended tips

Mark Carvaggio, owner of Guelph area company DJ Charlie Clean ~ Custom Events runs his business on the basis that every bride & groom deserves to receive a truly unique experience from their DJ on their wedding day. Mark says that each experience should be meticulously tailored to the couple on their special day. Mark makes it his mission to ensure that the menu of services at DJ Charlie Clean includes everything their clients could need, including extras such as one-on-one planning sessions, interactive tools that allow you to capture critical wedding day details to stress-free all-inclusive packages that can be tailored to your wedding day needs. Here are DJ Charlie Clean’s top 9 pro-recommended inside tips that he feels every couple should know in order to set the right tone for a wedding day…

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1.    Have a fun, experienced DJ with a great personality. “This will certainly win over a lot of wedding guests”
2.    Make sure DJ is a great public speaker. “Engaging your guests is just one of many skills that will help make for a most memorable reception. Just remember: great doesn’t mean overbearing… this wedding is ALL about you and your guests, not about the DJ.”
3.    Work with the DJ to design a wedding soundtrack. Since this is your day, you should play a part in choosing the music. “Let the DJ guide you, not direct you.”
4.    Your wedding DJ should never be drinking. Period. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with being hired in this role, certainly more than enough to keep a pro on their toes while sober. “Besides which, DJ’s are hired as professionals to run the party, not join it.. who needs booze to have a good time anyway? Great music works much better than alcohol!!”
5.    Ensure your DJ has all of your ‘DO NOT PLAY’ songs for your event in advance. “This is extremely important. Many times, a ‘DO NOT PLAY’ list for one event has songs that guests could possibly love and want to request, but for your party you’d prefer not to have them. There are often times very personal reasons for this; this is YOUR party so make it uniquely yours!”
6.    If you’re getting married, think outside the box! “Many of our couples do not want the same wedding traditions that have been present in most weddings for so many years. You do not need to have all of these traditions if you don’t want them! It’s YOUR day! We’re here to give you the absolute best advice for your wedding, always thinking about what you want and especially focusing on the flow of your event. The flow can’t be stressed enough! Think of your guests too, and they will love you even more for it!”
7.    Talk about timing with your DJ. “Let’s work together to create a wedding day timeline that works for you, your family and your guests. This is what we do! It’s probably the biggest struggle that our couples face, and so we utilize our resources to help out in this area. A little tip: most guest complaints surround around timeline issues!”
8.    Classy, yet fun should be the goal. “You can choose to have your wedding reception as interactive or non-interactive as you like. Interactive doesn’t mean you need to have cheesy games you don’t want. Let’s work together to get just what you what.”

9.    It’s all about tempo and song choice. “When selecting songs for your wedding dance party, listen to the songs you are considering and ask yourselves two questions; “Can we dance to this song?” and “Will our guests recognize this song?” Mark explains, “The goal is to play music across all genres and decades, tailoring to people of all ages and having songs that simply make guests shake their booty! We like to call it dancing through the decades.”

DJ Charlie Clean recommended tips
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From the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of The Wedding Ring ONTARIO Magazine