8 Critical mistakes most couples make when choosing their wedding entertainment

Expert Tip by David Fraser, DCF Wedding Music (dcfweddingmusic.com)

Having performed at over 1500 events (weddings, corporate parties, private concerts and public performances), David has observed hundreds of people managing events. The experience he’s gained through his career as a guitar player and singer can be challenging at times. Below read through his top 8 list of mistakes most couples make when choosing their wedding entertainment.

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1. Thinking a Dj is “better” than a band or a band is “better” than a Dj

Dj’s have some considerable strengths: they are usually cheaper than a professional band, they can setup into a smaller space and they can play a large range of music.

The Band on the other hand can really elevate the party to the next level with an energy and WOW factor that’s hard to capture unless you’re there in the moment. If the band is professional they will know how to emotionally connect with the audience and bring them into the show. The sound of a group of talented human individuals coming together just can’t be replicated by a computer and the experience of a live band is distinct from a Dj.

2. Not getting a signed contract that protects YOU

Every band and Dj in the wedding industry is probably going to ask for you to sign a contract and put down a deposit. That’s industry standard.
Here’s the thing: what does that contract do to protect YOU? You give some stranger hundreds or thousands of dollars and they don’t have anything written into the contract to protect you as the client?

3. Not getting a written guarantee with the contract

Unfortunately, not a lot of companies in my area (Toronto, Ontario) stand behind their promises with a money-back guarantee. Our company offers multiple money-back guarantees and personally and I’d like to see more wedding entertainment companies following suit. To me, it’s just not fair to pay someone a large amount of money and be promised the moon only to end up disappointed on your wedding day.

4. Just going with the Venue’s “in-house” Dj or band

You’ve booked the venue and they encourage you to hire their in-house Dj or Band. Wow, one more thing off your list and it will save you lots of time right? Maybe… Maybe not… Vet all your choices.

5. Thinking MORE band members or Djs is better (Quantity vs Quality)

You should start thinking about the kind of results you want from your wedding entertainment. A packed dance floor with high-energy songs and everyone getting involved together, dancing and singing along? Or maybe you’d prefer a more low-key atmosphere where people are sitting or slow-dancing to smoother music (not our specialty, but I can appreciate that there are people who dig that)?

6. Trying to cut corners by hiring amateurs (Focusing ONLY on PRICE)

If all Djs and bands were absolutely identical, then price would be the best way to judge between them. However, the range of quality, service and professionalism between different bands and Djs is staggering. One Dj shows up looking like a hobo and another Dj arrives in a beautiful tuxedo. One band leader takes your money and you never hear from him again until the wedding day, another band leader takes the time to Skype with you and your family and make helpful suggestions.

Good entertainment is never cheap. And cheap entertainment is seldom good.

7. Not setting up their entertainment in the right location and joining in as party hosts

Where to locate the band and Dj is a huge consideration and topic.
Shoving the band in the far corner away from the bar is generally a bad idea as does having the Dj in a separate room from the bar. The complexities of this location topic are great, but in general, we want the band and Dj to be close to the dance floor and equidistant from all seating areas and as close to the bar as possible.

8. Getting caught with a “Last-Minute Surprise” Add-On or “Gratuity”

If the band or Dj was charging a reasonable, fair fee they wouldn’t have to hit their couples up for tips at the last minute.

How to avoid this: Ask your entertainment vendor straight up if he will expect or ask for a tip on the night of. At least you will know in advance the character of the person you are dealing with.

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