3 secrets for a flawless face on your wedding day, with makeup expert, Erika Snyder

Wedding makeup expert, Erika Snyder (erikasnydermakeup.com), offers on-site makeup for brides across the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge areas and beyond. She has done makeup for magazine shoots, style shoots and, of course, beautiful wedding days.

For Erika, it’s about helping brides look incredible & feel like themselves on their wedding day. If anyone knows how to make sure you shine on your wedding day, it’s Erika. That’s why when she says there are three ways to make sure you look your best, we listen. Here’s what she says…

1. Don’t do anything major the night before your wedding!

No waxing, whitening or tinting. Always try anything new months before your big day. You never know if you’ll have a reaction like burns or redness. And even if you always wax or tint your eyebrows, do it several days in advance. You never know how your skin will react if you’re feeling stressed or nervous.

2. Exfoliate!

You should exfoliate before your wedding – once, one week before and then once, two days before the wedding. And when Erika says exfoliate, she means GENTLY (very GENTLY)! This will brighten your skin. Something like a sugar scrub used gently will do the trick. Don’t use anything abrasive that might scratch your skin.

3. Must-do’s for the day before

The day before your wedding, there are a few things you need to do to achieve the fresh, gorgeous look you want, according to Erika.

  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Moisturize
  • Use sunscreen & bug spray 

The above will make sure you look rested and refreshed not sunburned and tired with splotchy bug bites everywhere.

Good to know about Erika Snyder

Erika Snyder is training in Fashion and Photography Makeup with a client base built predominantly on word of mouth, an overall sweet, professional personality, and of course a ton of makeup. For a great price, Erika comes to you on your wedding day with the goal to use her skills and knowledge of colour, face shape and skin tones to help you and your entourage look your absolute best based on your individual looks and style – whether that be glamorous and dramatic or natural and subtle. For prices, packages, wedding makeup booking details, interviews with Erika’s past clients, and more, click here.

Erika Snyder can be reached by email using the form directly below 🙂 You can also visit her online at www.erikasnydermakeup.com.

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