10 Expert Tricks to Losing 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks

AN EXPERT TIP by EWYN Studios™ (♥) (ewynstudios.com)

EWYN Studios™ (pronounced ‘you win’ and standing for ‘Exactly What You Need’) offers weight loss programs and true one-on-one support by people who know weight loss inside and out. The dedicated teams at each of the 9+ Ontario EWYN Studios™ locations have made careers out of crafting individual programs to meet the needs of each and every client, including brides, grooms and sometimes their entourages as well. The EWYN team told The Ring, “We have prepared many brides for their ‘big day’ as well as sisters, mothers and friends of the brides…” And that’s why when we went in search of healthy tips for brides, we turned to EWYN first…

1. Drink more water! Try drinking 64 oz of water a day minimum to assist weight loss.

2. More Protein! Eating a higher protein diet has been proven to help you lose weight. EWYN makes it even easier by offering their EVO Whey Complex.

3. Get rid of the Junk! Toss out all of your junk food and don’t eat any junk for three weeks!

Ewyn Studios: Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days, an Expert Trick
Katie & Beth, before & after joining EWYN Studios™

4. Do ANY activity every day for 20 minutes. It can be a walk, a jog, or cutting the grass. You choose!

5. Commit to the plan with a friend (and a Health Coach from EWYN Studios, of course!!), because accountability drastically increases the chances of success.

6. Eat every few hours. Smaller meals are easier to digest and they keep the metabolism going.

7. Plan ahead! If you were going to a concert or camping with the family, you would plan ahead, so why aren’t you planning for your weight loss success?!

8. Get Sleep. Sleep is a key to weight loss. It controls hormones that affect how you burn and store fats.

9. Commit! It’s only 3 weeks of your life. Anyone can do 3 weeks! After that, the momentum will keep you going.

10. Join EWYN Studios™! They take care of all of the above and more, including putting you on a real plan with real foods!

“We have Exactly What You Need!”

This feature was published in the Fall/Winter 2016 Issue of The Wedding Ring Magazine

Want to get more tips on getting healthy before your wedding day? Contact the team at EWYN Studios…

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