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 Vancouver Island Bridal Diaries - March 24, 2012


We are loving the soft, dreamy look of these bridal fashions at Ruche's To Have and To Hold lookbook!  Is this influence coming from the upcoming Baz Luhrman 'Great Gatsby' movie??

Anyone watching the train wreck/human drama of Four Weddings Canada? (Disclaimer:  we are under some obligation to watch as some of the brides were found through The Wedding Ring Ontario!)  The hilarious reviews over at The Hype even have a bitchometer!!!

Well, here is the headscratcher of the week...the record for world's longest bridal train was broken.  In Romania??  And it all got started because Romania is not being allowed into the EU?  Huh?

The HORROR!  Wedding dress designers are already making sketches for Snooki's dress!

We love the sleeves, jackets, straps, wraps and hats in the designer weddings shows this year.  Enjoy the pretty!

The iconic wedding this week is John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  The white mini and hat with John's slouchy suit! And did you know that they released a keepsake album?  And who else invited the whole world along on their honeymoon?  Nobody, that's who!  And it was John Lennon who said, "Love and Peace are eternal."

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