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April 25, 2012

♥ So...maybe not completely wedding related...but did you know it's the first National Princess Week??  Here are some ideas on how to celebrate - though we would dearly love to know how Julie Andrews got roped into this.  Just to put it all on an even keel, you might want to read this book!(Daily Beast)

♥ Love this slideshow listing great celebrity engagement rings over the years!  No one is going to throw things at us if we admit we hate Angelina's ring, right?(Vogue)

♥On the other hand, it''s been great that Brad and Angie got engaged.  It's got the press on an amazing kick of bizarre wedding stories.  And when we say bizarrre, what we really mean is really fun!  Like this one on celebrity prenups!

♥No - we won't ignore the one year anniversary this week of Will and Kate!  Remember how we were all twitterpated last year around this time?  Well, guess what's up for auction this week?  A piece of their wedding cake, that's what!!

♥We love this Vancouver wedding dress designer with all the pretty!  Feels good to know these kinds of designers are within our borders.

♥Wedding of the Week is Charles and Diana (in honor of the whole royal theme we have going!).  Yes, we all know it's the penultimate example of how not to go about a marriage.  But, hey, that train was amazing!  And, we need to give credit where it is due, it was the best princess wedding ever!  We can't be the only people to ever wonder how heavy those flowers were she was carrying?

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