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London area couples talk about Sandra Dufton Photography’s contagious personality, friendly prices and beautiful romantic shooting style

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Reviewing Sandra Dufton Photography | Sandra Dufton Photography’s thriving wedding business is built, in part, on expertise, creativity, the attention to detail. Brides and grooms will tell you that Sandra’s energy and upbeat personality is contagious, making them feel at ease and beautiful in front of the camera. And we will tell you that this professional photographer has shot in every venue, for every type of client, underneath every weather system, and within just about every timeline and budget.

So with over 400 weddings to her name, and a passion for her craft that is as strong now as it was twenty years ago, Sandra Dufton Photography earns her place at the top of many London area couples’ must-see lists. Let us explain…

About Sandra Dufton Photography…

Sandra studied fine arts with a specialty in photography for two years at H.B. Beal Fine Arts Program followed by two years at Fanshawe College where she earned her Photography diploma. Her first photography jobs were in the fields of aerial photography and school photography. These positions led Sandra to realize that she was an entrepreneur at heart. “I quickly realized I wanted to run my own business to have more creative control. I absolutely adore photographing and working with people so wedding photography was a perfect fit from the start!” she explains.

Today, Sandra Dufton Photography has more than 400 weddings in their portfolio and has been capturing client’s memories since 1996. She admits that in the beginning she would shoot upwards of 30 weddings every year, but today, she says, “I limit myself to a set number of weddings each year so that I can devote special personalized attention to each wedding.”

According to Melanie and Jordan, there were many reasons why they choose Sandra, but Melanie says it was Sandra’s fun personality and her creativity that were huge factors.

“She is a very upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic person, which we picked up on immediately. We wanted to ensure our chosen photographer was this type of individual, who would help make our wedding day fun and special for us.”

When searching for their wedding photographer, Julia and Glenn looked at Sandra’s website and portfolio after she came highly recommended by a friend of theirs. “From the moment we met her, there was an instant connection…she is very personable and kind,” explains Julia.

Sandra’s photography style…

Sandra describes her ideal bride as someone who is looking for beautiful, creative images. She is based out of the London area but often travels for clients and will happily accommodate location requests.

She describes her photography style as encompassing natural elegance – creative professional posing while maintaining a soft, natural, elegant element to the photos. Even so, it’s really just about what the bride and groom want. “I’m always willing to try something out of the box for my clients,” she says. Sandra collaborate with her clients to produce the fabulous images that they’ll fall in love with.

“Her website captured amazing candid shots, as well as beautiful classic portraits, which was exactly the style my husband and I were looking for.”

When shooting, she focuses on the details and looks for settings/backdrops with lighting “sweet spots” that best highlight the bride and groom.

Amy and Shawn loved Sandra’s online portfolio. “Her website captured amazing candid shots, as well as beautiful classic portraits, which was exactly the style my husband and I were looking for,” says Amy, adding that Sandra’s keen eye for detail including lighting quality and backgrounds are exceptional.

“Sandra’s creativity is apparent everywhere, from her large portfolio, to all of our conversations about what we were looking for. In our first introductory meeting, she had so many ideas and thoughts about locations we could use, and different types of shots she could take,” admits Melanie. “Being able to see how she thinks on the spot and what she would be looking for on location, really gave us an idea of her photography style and what we could expect. Throughout our initial conversation she became more and more enthusiastic about the event, which made us even more excited to have her on board.”

“From very early on, we could tell she loved the creative process, and loved involving us throughout the planning stage. It was important to her that we got the shots we were looking for as well.” – Melanie

Amy describes Sandra as professional, organized and a great communicator. “She kept our wedding party and family focused…even the kids!” says Amy, adding that Sandra listened to their vision and didn’t push anyone out of their comfort zone. “She makes you feel like a model – she radiates confidence!”

The photography process…

Sandra photographs everything from small, more intimate weddings to large, extravagant gala affairs. She works with her clients to capture images from different perspective than you might get with a typical wedding photographer. She admits she finds inspiration in working with people and creating beautiful images together through a beautiful energy and rapport.

“Being the owner, I can take the time to get to know my clients and coach them in different areas to get the absolute most out of their wedding day photos,” Sandra says, adding that she also loves the post production process. “I love working in graphic design [such as album design] to recreate their wedding day story. It’s very creative and fun!”

During the planning process, Sandra assists her clients in scheduling the wedding day, which is sometimes no easy task, and works with them on location details before the wedding day. “I’m always happy to scout a location ahead of time if I’ve never photographed there,” she says. She also offers location suggestions including parks, urban areas and rain locations. “I’m always available for my clients anytime when they have important or minor questions about their upcoming day.”

“She arrived early to all of our locations. As soon as she walked in, she took complete control of the room, and knew exactly what she wanted from each shot. She put everyone at ease – even those who were camera shy…”

Our overall experience with Sandra was incredible. We live in the GTA, but Sandra was willing to coordinate our meeting times with our trips to London, which usually meant meeting on weekends. She made this a very easy process during the planning stage,” explains Melanie, adding that working with Sandra on the wedding day also went incredibly smoothly.

“She was extremely professional and arrived early to all of our locations. As soon as she walked in, she took complete control of the room, and knew exactly what she wanted from each shot. She put everyone at ease (even those who were camera shy), and made us all feel comfortable. She made the process really fun, which is evident in our pictures. We hired Sandra for a full 10 hours, and throughout the whole day she remained energetic and engaged.”

Sandra Dufton Photography’s packages…

On the day of the wedding, Sandra brings her positive energy and a second shooter to every event. Sandra’s most popular coverage is the 8 to 10 hour wedding day photography package. “Clients are happy to invest a bit more to have coverage into the reception, which continues the wedding day story,” she explains.

Every wedding package includes:

  • Pre-wedding consultation and scheduling assistance
  • Photographer – Sandra, whom has successfully been building her business, talent and skills for over 16 year fabulous years
  • Second photographer
  • High resolution files on USB (digital negatives with full copyright)
  • Professional editing, enhancing and retouching
  • Bonus Mini Engagement Session including full size files (available Monday to Thursday)

Wedding rates range between $2195 and $3895, based on the hours of coverage and other details. Smaller, custom packages are also available.

When asked about package prices, Melanie, Julia, Amy and Thalia all agree that Sandra Dufton Photography is reasonably priced.

“Sandra was really great with her price, and it definitely matched the value we received,” Melanie says. Although Sandra has set packages, she offered Melanie and Jordon a customized plan that aligned with their budget.

“Her prices are very comparable and we were able to pick a package based on our budget and needs,” admits Julia.

“What we love best about Sandra’s photographs is the energy and love visible in the pictures when you look at them. She somehow truly captured the mood of the day in her work. We had all of the traditional pictures, but there were many candid and posed candid shots as well,” says Melanie. “Every picture was incredible! We were floored at the quality and care she put into all of them.” As part of their package, Melanie and Jordan received a custom photo book. “It took us an extremely long time to choose our favourite pictures, but Sandra patiently waited, sending us reminders for Christmas deadlines. When the book was completed we were absolutely amazed! She put so much work into each page, using subtle aspects of our day as background images, and really personalizing it to make it special.”

Julia describes Sandra as a delight to work with. “We can relive our wedding day with all the photographs for years to come,” she says. “Her style and passion clearly shows in her work. Every picture tells its own story and that’s what I love more than everything.”

“Our entire experience working with Sandra was wonderful,” says Thalia. “We felt valued by her and loved seeing how much fun she had photographing our wedding.

Why you’ll fall for Sandra Dufton Photography…

  1. Creativity & artistic style and her eye for detail and posing equal incredible images.
  2. Most definitely her positive, upbeat attitude and abundance of energy. It’s contagious. “Many clients advise me after the wedding how surprised they were at how much fun they had during the wedding photography. They often comment on my positive energy and enthusiasm which they find contagious,” laughs Sandra.
  3. Sandra has been in the business for 20+ years, meaning she’s got endless experience in working with every type of client, at just about every venue, and in every lighting situation, weather system and schedule!

“This job is not for the faint of heart,” explains Sandra. She takes her work seriously by staying healthy, investing time into location planning and coaching clients on posing in front of the camera and, ultimately, using extensive project management skills to pull it all together.

Sandra Dufton Photography

Contacting Sandra Dufton Photography

To learn more about Sandra Dufton Photography, contact Sandra Dufton directly by email using the form below. :) You can also visit Sandra Dufton Photography online at www.sandraduftonphotography.ca.

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