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With European flair and a personal touch, Belmont Flowers offers fresh ideas of the best quality
Vildana Glisic, is an amazing woman whose life story is often told in words, colours, and flowers. Without even trying, she draws you in with her ability to adopt brides as if they were her own daughters. She shares her story as you share yours, simultaneously arranging flowers (of only the best quality and freshness) as you talk, putting together various design options and colour palettes to fit the dream wedding you just finished describing. At Belmont Flowers, every bouquet is designed by Vildana personally. She is dedicated to making sure that each bride loves her flowers as much as she loves her new husband. It's the norm to find Vildana sharing a hug and tears with a bride on her wedding day because as far as she is concerned, "For every bride, her wedding day is the only day that matters... And that’s the way I treat every one of my brides' weddings." This personal touch doesn't go unnoticed as Belmont Flowers constantly gets referrals from past clients for flowers for every occasion. We interviewed both Vildana and a number of her past brides (who ADORE her, to say the least), to find out how it is that this one person could continue making such a splash in our K-W wedding community. Here’s what we found…  Read more
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