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Lynden Hills Dentistry helps couples achieve camera-ready, picture-perfect smiles by their wedding days
Reviewing Dr. Nader Jahshan and the Lynden Hills Dentistry team
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The team at Brantford’s Lynden Hills Dentistry sees brides and grooms come through their doors on a regular basis. This is likely because Lynden Hills Dentistry offers prevention, intervention, custom cosmetic work, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening services to clients from all over the Brantford area.

Dr. Nader Jahshan says that together with his team at Lynden Hills Dentistry, “we are changing lives daily by improving people’s oral health, appearance, and their self-confidence.” They believe that with proper prevention and intervention, a beautiful smile is achievable for EVERYONE. “This will lead to better health, more self-confidence, and ultimately a better quality of life,” says Dr. Nader.

Staff at the Ring sat down with Dr. Nader to learn what services Lynden Hills Dentistry offers clients to ensure they have a bright beautiful smile on their wedding day.

The Lynden Hills Dentistry team…

Having grown up in Brantford, Ontario, Dr. Nader Jahshan, realized there was a need in the community for his dental services. For the past eight years Dr. Jahshan has developed a practice at Lynden Hills Dentistry that focuses on not only general dentistry and preventative hygiene therapy for the whole family, but also features state-of-the art dental procedures and technology including: cosmetic and implant dentistry, sedation options, preventative dental care for children, the creation of comprehensive maintenance programs for lasting oral health for the whole family, and the management of oral health for medically complex patients.

Dr. Nader sees each of the team members as having an important role in the experience of each person they see. The team consists of Dr. Nader, Gabi the receptionist, Tihea the treatment coordinator/office manager, Alex and Erin are both dental hygienists, Doreen and Casey are the dental assistants, and Adriana is the financial coordinator, who helps clients with insurance and financial coordination.

“I spent several years doing post-graduate work at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio and the Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.” says Dr. Nader, who graduated from St. John’s College in Brantford and then received his Bachelor Science degree in Physics from McMaster University. Dr. Nader then followed his passion for dentistry and enrolled at the Schulich School of Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario in London – graduating in 2002.. “I then returned to Brantford and have been a part of the team of dental care professionals at Lynden Hills Dentistry for the past eight years where the practice focuses on professional, comprehensive and caring dentistry for the whole family,” he says, adding that Alex and Erin, both have several years of experience as well.

When clients first contact Lynden Hills Dentistry, Gabi works with them to make an initial visit to determine their individual needs. “Your experience begins with Gabi at reception who will schedule your first visit with me,” explains Dr. Nader. “Once we determine what is needed, Tihea will help you make all the arrangements. Alex and Erin, our hygienists, will then ensure that your teeth are bright and white for your big day.”

“Dr. Jahshan has been my dentist for several years now,” says Simone Medeiros. “When I was getting married I knew that I could count on him and his team to make my smile beautiful. The reason I hired Lynden Hills is due to their ability to always make me feel welcomed, their thoroughness and precision during all the procedures I have had, and their continuous caring nature.”

“With so many other options available in the community, my biggest reason for hiring Lynden Hills Dentistry for my wedding is the quality of the highest level care that is provided,” explains Mekcal Torek. “Each visit I felt welcomed and comfortable – the staff takes every effort to meet all of your needs.” Mekcal also enjoyed the flexible hours that Lynden Hills Dentistry offered to accommodate her busy bride schedule. “From the moment you are greeted at the desk by your first name and during the dental care in the chair, you feel comfortable and at ease. The environment is very relaxing, staff are knowledgeable and they explain everything to you thoroughly, so all your concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.”

“When I was first looking for a dental office for my family and me, I originally chose Lynden Hills Dentistry because it was a new facility and it was close to my home,” says Lisa Curley. “I’ve stayed with Dr. Nader and his team for years now because of their flexibility, friendliness and accommodating ways. The girls at the desk, the hygienists and Dr. Nader are very personable.”

“The entire team at Lynden Hills has always made me feel very welcomed. They greet me with a smile every time I visit and always ask about my family. Their passion for good oral hygiene/health is definitely contagious,” says Simone.

The services offered at Lynden Hills Dentistry…

“Our role begins weeks prior in preparing your smile to be picture perfect,” says Dr. Nader, adding that although he’s not there on the wedding day, he is available in the event of an emergency or for touch-ups if needed.“We offer individualized treatments to make the best possible wedding ready smile,” says Dr. Nader. Lynden Hills Dentistry popular wedding services include whitening and enhancing smiles through custom cosmetic work, as well as excellent compassionate patient care from the knowledgeable and caring team. Other services include crowns, implants and hygiene maintenance.

After her experience with Lynden Hills Dentistry, Amanda Piscitelli looked at her before and after pictures and saw a big difference. “Seeing my wedding pictures and my pearly, natural whites made the experience worth it! I have continued all my dental services with Dr. Nader Jahshan and his staff ever since!” Amanda had originally decided to visit Lynden Hills Dentistry after researching the clinic. She describes it as a completely modern, state-of-the-art practice. “The staff are incredibly professional, nice and easy to work with.”

“My favourite memory in connection with Lynden Hills dentistry is one of my first visits, explaining to them my fears of being in the dentist chair,” explains Mekcal. “They made me feel comfortable and went slow. They explained every step by showing me compassion and professional care. They treat you like family and take good care of you.”

Simone describes getting her two porcelain veneers completed. “The final result looked great and very natural. After two years, I have not had one problem. Dr. Jahshan was very thorough throughout the entire process, ensuring that my teeth were shaped just the way I wanted,” she says. “One time, I cracked my temporary veneers and Dr. Jahshan saw me on the same day to fix them. Dr. Jahshan was great at explaining the whole process to me each step of the way and was always patient and genuine when answering my questions. He always takes his time to complete the best work possible with the utmost care.”

“The most genuine memory I have involving Lynden Hills Dentistry was when there was an unforeseen dental emergency and Dr. Nader had to reschedule my daughter’s appointment,” explains Lisa. “We rescheduled without an issue. When I returned to the dentist office the staff gave me a card apologizing for the inconvenience and three free movie passes,” she says, describing it as an unnecessary gesture, but one that she truly appreciated. “They value my time, my money and my feelings. I would highly recommend Lynden Hills Dentistry to new brides, new families or anyone seeking a new dentist office.”

Experts in their fields

Dr. Nader and Lynden Hills Dentistry are members of several associations including:
● Members of Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce
● Member of the Ontario Dental Association
● Member of the Canadian Dental Association
● Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist
● Member of the Toronto Implant & Aesthetic Study Club

“Dr. Jahshan is very knowledgeable and up to date on the newest trends/procedures in dentistry. His office contains up-to-date technology and each room is impeccably clean and welcoming,” says Simone. “When I was getting married, Dr. Jahshan and I spoke about the possibility of teeth whitening. I was so happy that I decided to do this as the results were fantastic. Dr. Jahshan thoroughly explained this procedure to me and even gave me several touch up kits that I could use afterwards. This definitely made me feel beautiful on my wedding day and made a big difference.”

Pricing out your picture-perfect smile

● Teeth whitening for our brides and bridal parties start at $299.
● Cosmetic work starts with a doctor assessment to determine individual needs starting at $175 plus x-rays and models as needed.

lyndenhillsdentistry-2Contacting Lynden Hills Denistry

To learn more about Lynden Hills Dentistry, contact Gabi or Tihea directly by email using the form below. :) You can also visit Lynden Hills Dentistry online at www.lyndenhillsdentistry.com.

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