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Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!Over the past twenty-five years of being a wedding Officiant, Peter Jones, London Wedding Minister, has been a part of hundreds of weddings – and still he says he never tires of announcing the newlyweds. He also makes it his goal to craft a ceremony that will be unique and memorable for each couple – whether it’s non-denominational, rooted in religious traditions or somewhere in between. Ceremony structures are open and flexible and with Peter’s experience, he’s bound to have some great ideas up his sleeve.

With packages that range from quiet elopement to help with planning and rehearsing every ceremony detail and the option of taking wedding preparation and marriage coaching courses (at very reasonable prices), we’re not surprised that brides love London Wedding Minister. And so does The Ring. We met with Peter and were instantly attracted to his easy going, relaxed personality that could perhaps calm even the most stressed out bride. Let us tell you more…

Personally speaking…

Peter is an Ordained Minister affiliated with The Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers. He studied and graduated from the Masters Theological Seminary and has been performing wedding ceremonies for twenty-five years!

We asked Peter what made him want to become an officiant, and, other than a pure love for weddings, he told The Ring, “There are many in society today who no longer attend or belong to a church but still prefer a minister to officiate at their special life passage events… As a non-denominational minister and wedding officiate, I am able to assist this important need.” This is especially great because Peter adds that many couples are finding that Judges and Justices of the Peace are less inclined these days to perform wedding ceremonies compared to the past.

Pronouncing you as husband and wife…

Peter performs child dedications, funeral services, and marriage renewals; but he says that it’s weddings that he’s most often involved with. In fact, he told us that he’s been a part of hundreds of weddings and says that he loves performing ceremonies so much that he may never retire.

We have to assume that part of Peter’s love for weddings and marriages come from his own love story as he and his wife, Liz, have been happily married for thirty years… and now that they’re finally empty nesters, they certainly have even more time for one another. Aside from that, Peter also loves the uniqueness of each wedding he performs. “Although many of the components are similar, no two weddings are ever the same,” Peter told us. “I love the variety that each presents. My greatest thrill (and I never tire of it) is that at the end of every ceremony I get to say, ‘And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. …” What a romantic!

Having so much wedding experience has also given Peter the opportunity (or privilege, as he says) of performing all kinds of wedding ceremonies, “from very traditional to backyard family gatherings… and everything in between.” Well, maybe not everything. Peter says that he hasn’t been in a hot air balloon as he has a bit of a fear of heights, “therefore anything involving the CN Tower Walkabout would definitely be out as well,” he added. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have lots of other alternative ideas for non-traditional weddings.

Prices & packages

Officiating personalized, non-denominational wedding ceremonies is what Peter says he is best known for in the industry. “Non-denominational is perfect for the couple looking for a spiritual ceremony, if not a religious one,” he told The Ring. Helping each couple through the process of evaluating and choosing from so many ceremony components and options out there is what he says he does best. “Then, after organizing, filtering and on occasion, some last minute tweaking, together we craft a ceremony that will be unique and memorable to them.”

Mark and Roxanne Sibley had Peter perform their outdoor ceremony and summed up their experience with him in one word: “Excellent!” They told The Ring, “Peter was very helpful in all aspects of the ceremony. Neither one of us had ever been married before, so he helped us go through the ‘steps’ as they were going to occur from choosing the right type of vows down to the recessional.” They both agree that it was nice to have someone with different experiences to help them out.

Ceremony structures are open and flexible with London Wedding Minister and he’ll always ask you what you want. “I will usually ask a couple if they don’t mind some humour in the ceremony. Most don’t,” Peter told us. This caring and calming manner is one reason that Peter thinks brides choose him to officiate their wedding. We couldn’t agree more as we were immediately comfortable with him when we met – he has an easy going, relaxed personality that we think would make even the most stressed out bride take a deep breath and just enjoy the process of getting married.

Mark and Roxanne would agree that Peter is relaxed and casual, which they say helped their ceremony go very smoothly. “Peter made us feel relaxed and like there wasn’t a ton of people watching us. It was as if it was just the three of us there. He was friendly and extremely helpful and he made sure that our children were involved with us.”

Peter says that his very reasonable prices are also probably another reason that brides come to him. The average bride spends $350 with London Wedding Minister – a reasonable price to have a personalized and meaningful ceremony.

London Wedding Minister offers three ceremony packages. All packages include a ceremony at a location of your choosing.

The Bronze Wedding Package, at $250, means you provide the license, rings and witnesses and Peter will perform a predesigned ceremony wherever you want. The Silver Wedding Package is $350 and includes a forty page ceremony planning packet and two planning sessions. For $450, the Gold Wedding Package consists of the forty page Ceremony Information Packet, two planning sessions and a professionally conducted rehearsal. With this package, you can completely customize your ceremony.

In his experience, Peter told us that these packages generally fit with the needs of his couples. “Usually one of these is what a bride and groom has already envisioned to suit the size and particulars of their wedding.” He added, “More and more couples are choosing to incorporate a bit of tradition in their ceremonies – whether that tradition is rooted in religion or in their family, they are using it as a tribute to their family, but also to personalize and make the ceremony meaningful for them.” Which is why, even though there are pre-set packages, Peter will meet with each couple at least once and customize the package to suit their particular traditions, desires and needs.

London Wedding Minister also offers Wedding Preparation Courses and Marriage Coaching – both of which are not mandatory. Peter told us, “These courses are great for both engaged and married couples. Wedding prep courses are only a few hours for a couple of sessions.”

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Details, details, details

• Peter recommends booking with him 3 to 6 months prior to your wedding.
• Peter can do 2 to 3 weddings per day.
• A $100 deposit books your date with London Wedding Minister.
• Your remaining balance is due on the wedding day.
• Peter will provide you with a Record of Solemnization and will also take care of all necessary government documentation.

To start planning your personalized ceremony…

To learn more about London Wedding Minister, contact Peter Jones directly by email using the form below. :) or by phone 519-245-6273. You can also visit London Wedding Minister online at www.londonweddingminister.ca.

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When working with Peter, we found him to be most professional, courteous and very accommodating. We observed that the couples were very at ease and comfortable with his style. When speaking, with our clients they had said that they thought he was great and couldn’t have asked for better. We therefore would assuredly recommend Peter Jones LWM. Darlene and Michael Abela