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Forever I Do is a unique, trendy wedding planner who is the ‘centre of calm’ in the whirlwind of your wedding planning

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As a mom of two, a past bride and a WPIC Certified Wedding Planner, Melina Dawson is your right hand girl and new best friend when it comes to planning your wedding. She is outgoing, energetic, sweet and focused on helping you get the dream wedding you’ve been envisioning since you were a child.

Sharon Adams got married in October 2015 and describes her wedding as the most relaxing event ever. “I was able to relax and know everything was taken care of,” Sharon says, adding that Melina’s friendliness and readiness to help with whatever was needed truly made the day a success.

Staff at The Ring sat down with Melina Dawson at Forever I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination to find out everything a bride needs to know about working with Forever I Do to plan your wedding…

The story behind Forever I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination…

Melina’s passion for planning weddings started when she planned her own wedding ten years ago. Although she had always loved hosting and planning parties, weddings were on a whole different level. Having worked as an event coordinator for several corporate companies, Melina graduated from the Wedding Planers Institute of Canada (WPIC) as a certified wedding planner in 2014. “Within a couple of months, I opened my business. I was charged and excited to get started so I jumped right in. I started with volunteering with other established planners and used my own marketing skills to gather my own clients,” says Melina. “Becoming a wedding planner was the best decision I have ever made and I’m so enjoying my new career!” Two years later, her business continues to gain momentum. To date, Melina has done ten weddings, with four more to go this year.

“Melina is a young mom of two, just like me. We hit it off right away and living in the same community helps out a lot with regards to finding vendors in our community and vendors that meet our needs. She’s also very interested in every aspect of our wedding planning,” admits Rene Boivin, who getting married on September 3, 2016.

Melina describes her style as unique and trendy. She’s always searching for new and different ideas to set her client’s wedding apart from everyone else’s. Of course, couples always have the final say in everything. Melina acts as a guide, counselor, friend, and even financial advisor. To stay current, Melina is consistently researching new ideas, new venues or just general Pinterest DIY projects for unique ideas.
“You always have to be learning new things in this business to remain fresh and current. For paying clients, I am their source of information. I will do the research to bring their vision to life.

Melina’s style is what caught Sharon’s attention and Forever I Do’s services were within their price range. “Our Wedding was on Thanksgiving so the idea of the decorations that Melina recommended tied in nicely with our fall theme,” Sharon says. “Forever I Do had all of the Hall glowing with the L.E.D. tea lights that were all complementing nicely with our rustic Mason Jars and baby’s breath. The pricing matched the value we received for sure!”

For Melina, seeing the love and happiness on the couples’ faces is what inspires her. “What matters most to me is that you as a couple get to sit back and enjoy your special wedding day with your family and friends and not have to worry about all the finer details of the day. You created this amazing wedding day, so it’s now your time to enjoy it and leave everything else in my hands. I cry at every single wedding. Even if I have only met them once or twice – that’s how I know I’m meant to do this.”

Rebekah Konnerth choose Forever I Do Wedding Planning because her best friend’s husband use to work with Melina and had recommended her. “My experience with Melina was excellent. She went above and beyond to make sure my day was perfect and stress free – which it was! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a wedding planner! The service, prices, and dedication she showed were superb!”

Three things that brides should know about Forever I Do

Planning & Coordination …
1. Melina’s friendly and open attitude. “I bring the calm!”
2. Competitive pricing
3. The ability to think outside the box and go above and beyond for her clients

The planning process…
One of the advantages to enlisting the services of Forever I Do Wedding is that you’ll always be working with Melina. The initial meeting between couples and Melina is to ensure there is a connection, which Melina believes is extremely important. Melina does enlist the help of assistants.
“My assistants are there to help me out. As much as I would like to be everywhere at once, I can’t. My assistants are all graduates from the WPIC program and are fully certified wedding planners. That way I know that I will have someone with me that knows exactly what to do and what needs to be done if I’m busy with the bride or attending to something else,” explains Melina.

“Melina is very understanding when it comes to wedding planning. She understands the stress, excitement and all other feelings that go along with planning a wedding. She has calmed me at 6am and she has calmed me at 11pm. She is an incredible woman to work with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help,” Rene says.

When it comes to fixing problems before they’re noticed, Rebekah admits that Melina was quick to resolve issues. “She went out of her way to go to the flower shop the day of the wedding as they had forgotten one of the corsages. I wasn’t even aware this happened till after the situation was resolved because Melina handled it right away,” Rebekah says. “I also had one of the flower displays fall and Melina had to rearrange the whole arrangement and it looked so beautiful I never would have known.”

Wedding planning services…

All weddings are different and every bride wants to have that “wow” moment for their guests, but searching for the right vendors, rentals and locations can be a lot for the average couple to take on. “I want to make the road to saying “I Do” a stress free and memorable journey,” says Melina.

“Melina was very easy to work with as well as extremely professional and reliable. She listened to what my needs were and made sure everything ran smoothly the day of the wedding. I was very happy with how everything turned out including the decor and flowers which she set up,” admits Rebekah.

When asked if Sharon would recommend Forever I Do, she admits she would without hesitation. “Melina was always a phone call or email away! With the excellent service and professionalism it was well worth hiring Melina as our Wedding Planner. She made our day even more special knowing everything was taken care of right down to the smallest details.”

“We have been working with Melina during most of our wedding planning and she will be there coordinating our day,” says Rene, who also adds that Melina has been very helpful in maintaining their wedding budget. “She is very knowledgeable and educated when it comes to local resources,” says Rene. “Melina has been able to find me numerous options when looking for different services and items to meet my budget.”

“I liked that Melina had various packages to choose from as well as a variety of prices which allowed me to customize a package according to my needs and the cost. I found the cost very affordable for the excellent service she provided,” says Rebekah.

Packages & Prices

Forever I Do offers several options to meet a couple specific needs.

Full Wedding Planning (package starts at $2000)
Full Wedding Planning begins right away and brides have full access to Melina via email and/or phone right up until the end of the wedding day. Brides will receive unlimited communication with Melina throughout the whole planning process.

Full Wedding Planning and Coordination can include:
• A relaxed open relationship with your planner with unlimited meetings and communication
• Coordination or supervision at rehearsal (if required)
• Wedding schedule for bride and groom
• Vendor recommendations based on budget and style
• Schedule and attendance at vendor meetings
• Vendor contract review (if required)
• Budget management and allocation

On the wedding day:
• Full wedding day coordination from start to finish
• An assistant
• Detailed itinerary of wedding day for bridal party and vendors
• Ensuring ceremony location is set up and organized
• Coordinating with vendors on the wedding day
• Ensuring the wedding day flows smoothly and manage any unforeseen issues that may occur
• Coordination of reception (place cards, seating chart, centerpieces, favours, cake etc.)
• Access to the “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”

Day of Coordination (package starts at $900)
Day of Coordination starts 4 week before the wedding. This packages is Forever I Do’s most popular package and the one that Melina recommends the most. Day of Coordination allow the bride to plan her own wedding while having a certified wedding planner by her side all day.
“As your planner I will ensure that all the fine details are covered and any decisions that need to be addressed on the wedding day are taken care of so as to not bother you. I will also have an assistant with me at no extra charge to you!” explains Melina.

Day of Coordination includes:
• Initial meeting to review schedule 1 month prior to wedding
• Detailed itinerary of wedding day for bridal party and vendors
• Meeting 2 weeks before the wedding to discuss last minute details
• Coordination or supervision at rehearsal, if needed

On the wedding day:
• Full wedding day coordination from start to finish
• An assistant
• Detailed itinerary of wedding day for bridal party and vendors
• Ensuring ceremony location is set up and organized
• Coordinating with vendors on the wedding day
• Ensuring the wedding day flows smoothly and manage any unforeseen issues that may occur
• Coordination of reception (place cards, seating chart, centrepieces, favours, cake, etc.)
• Access to the “Wedding Day Emergency Kit”

Consulting (package starts at $200)
Sometimes all we need is a little help to get moving in the right direction. Having someone who has interviewed, met with and seen the work of vendors can truly be lifesaving. Knowing who to contact to obtain the style and glamour you want for your wedding will save you hours of research. Forever I Do’s wedding consulting services provides brides with excellent recommendations of vendors to ensure your big day is a success.
• One consultation meeting to offer recommendations on vendors
• Money saving tips and how to keep the costs down
• Hardcopy of all the vendors I suggest with their pricing
• Melina loves to talk about weddings, so she encourages questions

“Most brides love to plan their own wedding but are nervous about the day of and if everything is going to go as planned. That’s where having a wedding coordinator is crucial,” admits Melina. “I meet with the client a couple times before the wedding to get all the information I need from vendors to florists to caterers. I gather all that information into an itinerary and create a timeline of events so I know exactly what is happening and when. I am there for the rehearsal and I’m there on the wedding day from start to finish. The bride doesn’t have to worry about a thing because she knows that I’ve got this! I will make sure everyone shows up on time and in place and that everything is as it should be.”

Details, details, details…

• Full Wedding Planning package starts at $2000
• Day of Coordination package starts at $900
• Consulting packages starts at $200

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Contacting Forever I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination

To learn more about Forever I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination, contact Melina Dawson directly by email using the form below. :) You can also visit Forever I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination online at www.foreverido.ca.

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5 5 1
Melina was amazing throughout everything! She kept me on track (and on budget!) She was there for everything and anything we needed! (Including putting together our wedding favour last minute!)if I had to go back and redo it all I wouldn't pick anyone else! She was the best decision I made (besides marrying my husband) and her work the day of was phenomenal! She made everything go as smoothly as possible! Thank you. So much to melina who made our big day perfect!

5 5 1
I love the company because the girl who stands behind it...is part of the top notch, bred for planning, energetic personality- plus variety! She will make your dreams a reality. Lori

5 5 1
I love the company because the girl who stands behind it...is part of the top notch, bred for planning, energetic personality- plus variety! She will make your dreams a reality. Lori